Grow Together From Strong Roots 30 Years of PROAD Software

We’re saying thank you – with a special project: PROAD Forest.

The Project

Our company was launched in 1988 as a one-man business and today we are proud of the fruits of our labour:

  • 30 years of benchmarking in the dynamic market of agency software
  • One of the most popular software solutions for agencies in Europe
  • 1,100 customers and 17,500 active users worldwide

Together with our employees and customers, we want to give something back and create values that will last longer than an anniversary. For this reason, in cooperation with the Treedom organisation, we have planted the corporate forest named "PROAD Forest" in Kenya, which will continue to grow with us in the next few years.

Let's make the world a little bit greener!

Latest News from PROAD Forest

July 2018: The first little trees have left the nursery and been planted, as this Leucaena, also known as Leucaena leucocephala or wild tamarind. The Leucaena will be approx. one and a half meters high even after just one year – a particularly fast-growing tree species, which makes it well suited for the reforestation of erosion-prone areas. The pods can be eaten as vegetables and the leaves are used as cattle feed.


June 2018: The little orange trees are prepared for planting in the nursery. In about three years, they will bear their first fruits and then support the small farmers who will care for them over their 30-year lifespan, hopefully with a rich harvest. A full-grown, strong orange tree can produce up to 200 kg of fruit per year!

Our Community

PROAD Forest doesn't just exist "somewhere in Kenya", but each of the current 300 trees is planted, maintained, geolocalised and regularly photographed for our community by a local small farmer, with 50 trees planted on the border with Tanzania and another 250 trees near Lake Victoria. We create a source of agricultural income for local families and support the fight against erosion, drought and climate change. You could fill around 492 trucks with the amount of CO2 that our trees have absorbed from the atmosphere!

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