Implementation in 7 steps

Our recipe for success: good preparation and systematic project management.


Fast to ROI without stress

The introduction of a business software does not only concern your IT department. In order to anchor the new software intelligently with the relevant business processes, an implementation ties up manpower in all departments and hierarchical levels. In the end, you want to hand over a stable system that efficiently supports the defined tasks and processes and that your users understand and enjoy using. In addition, the project must be realised as quickly as possible and within your budget.

Our goal is to ensure that your daily business continues to run smoothly during the implementation phase. That's why we use a proven methodology that we have developed and refined over 30 years and more than 1,100 PROAD implementations - for maximum security and a fast return on investment.


Agile implementation

A guide, but not a blueprint!

To start with: our model defines important milestones in the implementation process and provides orientation for project planning. Although the workflows of service providers are similar, each company and each implementation is individual. We therefore do not implement according to a rigid plan, but in agile cycles. This allows you to test, evaluate and give feedback at an early stage. The details of the implementation process depend on various factors:


How many human resources can be freed up for implementation?


Are there several locations or are many customisations desired?

Data quality

How much preparatory work needs to be invested in the master data inventory?



The 7 phases of PROAD implementation



Kick-off meeting

We discuss the planned process with your project team and verify the project goals and framework defined in the selection process. The first tasks and responsibilities are distributed and we adopt a time and resource plan with milestones.

Step #2


Now let's get started: If you want to work on-premise, we install PROAD either on your in-house server or with your provider. If you have opted for a SaaS solution, we will set up your working environment in our cloud.

Step #3

Consulting workshop

Now it's time to map your processes in the PROAD system, from creating new customers and projects to invoicing and reporting for your controlling. A workshop with our industry and process experts has proven to be a good way to start this important phase. We give tips on how to define your workarounds close to the software standard so that you don't fall into the "we've always done it that way" trap.

Step #4

Data migration

Regardless of whether you have been working with another agency software or are switching from Excel and island apps to PROAD: your existing master data must be imported. Take the opportunity to cleanse the data stock of outdated and incorrect data records and duplicates so that only "clean", checked data is transferred!

Step #5


The processes have been defined and the data migrated - now it's time to familiarise your users with PROAD. We recommend the "train-the-trainer" concept for reasons of both resource conservation and greater internal acceptance, i.e. we train the key users in your departments and they then take over the internal training of the respective teams.

Step #6

Go Live

The time has come: After extensive testing, you start - equipped with checklists and the backup of our support - into the PROAD live operation. It is quite normal that some processes take a little longer at the beginning until all users are working routinely with the new system.

Step #7


We don't leave you alone after Go Live, but recommend a follow-up audit. Together we discuss all questions, suggestions for improvement and problems that have arisen during the first weeks of live operation. Experience shows that there are always small things that can be readjusted.

Surprised how simple it sounds?

Individual implementation

Would you like to know more about how the implementation could look in your specific case? Our consultants will be happy to outline the best procedure together with you!

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