The first answers to your new system

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here, you will find helpful tips for taking the first steps towards your decision in selecting the packages and the other framework conditions.

  • If you only want to start CRM activities, the basic package CRM is sufficient for you
  • If, you need project-related time keeping incl. project and customer controlling in addition to CRM activities, you will also require the basic time keeping package.
  • If you wish to process and manage your entire commercial and business operations, you should select all three basic packages.

The modules cover additional requirements of your company and staff.  

  • The Project Management module is used to manage the entire project-related workflow in your company.
  • The New Business & Sales module additionally manages your entire activities with prospects and companies who you wish to retain as a customer.
  • You only need the Mobile module if you need to access parts of the system with your smartphone or tablet while on the go.
  • The Ordering, Extended  Accountingmodules, as well as the financial accounting interface are designed for companies that actually process the entire commercial and business operations internally.
  • The Media module and the interface Media-Data Wasmuth are needed by companies with a core competency focus on advertising placement and its processing and planning. 

Yes, with PROAD ONE, we have designed packages to enable small businesses, freelancers and start-ups a great start in a professional software solution. Your advantage: the two entry-level packages include all the important functions you need to simplify your everyday work no end, thereby saving you money, and they can be upgraded at all times. 

In general, you will always be given a proposal with the freedon to decide whether you wish to lease or purchase the software, and to then finance your purchase through our partners. You may also lease the software initially and buy it later. There can be many different reasons for doing so (balance sheet, security requirements, liquidity etc.)

This is also your decision in principle. We are happy to install the system at your business on your own server. Alternatively, you may name any provider who already supplies these services to you..

Last but not least, we can also host the system for you on our Internet servers.

Our consultants will be happy to clarify this issue for you on the basis of your requirements.  For example, if you only require CRM activities as a first step, you can start immediately following a short instruction. Otherwise, based on more than 25 years’ worth of experience of implementing ERP systems, we can present all necessary concepts until start-up.

This answer also depends on the number of employees and the scope of your requirements. The time period ranges from a few days to five or six months.

As we have implemented nearly 1000 agencies, IT companies and consultants so far, the question arises as to why YOU in particular would not be able to handle the new system. For starters, you will have a partner at your side who can ensure that you will be able to handle the system based on a thorough and conceptionally tried-and-tested introductory phase. After this phase, you will also have access to a qualified support team who will proactively assist you. In addition, we will give you access to a platform (via forums and expert discussion) for interacting with other users. 

There are numerous answers to this question. Here are the most important ones:

  • More than 25 years of market experience
  • Nearly 1000 agencies, IT companies and consultants work with the software successfully
  • Recommendations by leading associations

Have your already read the USPs on our homepage? Go ahead, and see if you can find a comparable range from another provider.

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