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Our project management software makes it easy for you to achieve these goals. From the first meeting with your client, to the final evaluation of the job you can control everything using the same interface. 

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Choosing the right project management software can be crucial to the success of your agency. From account managers to accountants, creative directors to graphic designers, you need a piece of software that will meet everyone’s needs.  

We have made it our job to perfectly cater to these needs. For over 25 years, our agency software has been the first choice for many agencies due to its fast, efficient operations and practical training provided by highly qualified staff. 

Whether you’re at home or on the road, PROAD’s fully customisable dashboard gives you access to all the information and functions you need during the day – from daily and weekly planning, to time tracking, absentee lists and much more. Plus, our mobile solution makes it easy for you to track and change your projects, wherever you are.   

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Main Functions

Project management for agencies

Many agencies find project management time consuming and complicated. Managing multiple clients, workers and projects makes it a never-ending juggling act.

Take the stress out of running your business. Our agency management software offers modular solutions that you can combine in virtually any manner and build on at any time. The software can also be individually configured by each user, giving you a project management tool that has been tailored for your needs.

PROAD project management software can help you tackle your biggest inefficiencies head on. With full integration of all Microsoft office products, including Excel, Powerpoint, Word and Outlook, and integration with any financial accounting system, you can manage everything on one place. And the best thing is, you can also use the complete, professional PROAD software in a mobile capacity; on customer visits, on the train or at the airport.

Over 800 agencies have chosen PROAD software to manage their projects. Find out why... 

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Key Features

  • Customer relationship management system (CRM)
  • Set up new business/sales
  • Manage your staff and freelancers
  • Contract and job management
  • Time tracking software with stopwatch function
  • Task assignment and schedule management
  • Resource and placement planning
  • Personal calendars and internal communication
  • Gantt charts
  • Budget administration and tendering
  • Requests and orders to suppliers
  • Recording of third-party costs for internal  and external projects
  • Cashbook and expense reporting
  • Accounting
  • Electronic payments / dunning
  • Integration with any financial accounting system, e.g. Sage Accounting Software
  • Project controlling as per the “Economic Model”
  • Staggered contribution margin accounting
  • Forecast and liquidity plans
  • Media planning / Media operations
  • Early warning systems
  • Creative project management software
  • Mobile recording
  • Available online and offline

Something you can rely on

For over 25 years, PROAD agency software has proven its worth at almost a thousand marketing agencies and advertising agencies of all sizes. Our project management software has been constantly developed and adapted to meet new requirements, from Basel II, to cloud computing, to mobile applications.

Distinctions such as the 2012 “Best of” industry prize for ERP solutions and the Initiative Mittelstand’s 2013 “IT innovation award” for one of the best ERP systems are proof that the software is both innovative and user-friendly.

A demo version will show you how simply you and your staff can use PROAD project management software to master even the most complex of processes.

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