Project Management for Construction

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Our project management software makes it easy for you to achieve these goals. From the first meeting with your client, to the final evaluation of the job you can control everything using the same interface. What could be simpler?



PROAD Architect

There are few industries that face the same operational challenges as the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector. Juggling project time tracking with managing your workforce and various contractual arrangements can be stressful and time consuming. 

Nowadays even smaller architectural or engineering firms require professional office management software.  Whether you manage lots of small jobs with limited staff, or have lots of employees attending to a few large projects, the challenges of balancing the time spent on project management with the time spent getting the job done remain the same.

We have made it our job to solve this problem. PROAD Architect software has been specifically developed for the architectural and contruction industries, and the result is an efficient, practical and powerful platform that has been tailored for your needs.

With a market presence of over 25 years, PROAD project management software provides architects with an integrated total solution. Over 800 companies are using PROAD to improve efficiency, keep goals in clear focus and get the job done.

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Main Functions

Flexible project management software for Construction

PROAD Architect software offers a platform for all tasks. With modular solutions that can be combined and built on at any time, the PROAD user interface can be individually configured by each user, giving you a powerful piece of software that has been tailored for your needs. 

PROAD’s full integration of all MS-Office products means it also offers the usual standards, including Excel, Powerpoint, Word and Outlook. Fee calculation based on the fee structure for architects and engineers (HOAI) is supported, as is project and business controlling as per the PeP7 KPIs. Extra interfaces to FA programs such as DATEV and telephony applications such as SIP are also included. And the best thing is, you can also use the complete, professional PROAD software in a mobile capacity; on customer visits, on the train or at the airport.

Whether you’re in the office or on the construction site, PROAD’s fully customisable dashboard gives you access to all the information and functions you need during the day – from daily and weekly planning, to time tracking, absentee lists and much more. Plus, our online solution makes it easy for you to start, track and change your projects, wherever you are.  

Over 800 companies have chosen PROAD software to manage their projects. Find out why...


Key Features

  • Project planning, management and controlling
  • Contract management
  • Tendering
  • HOAI calculation
  • Offer and address management
  • Work performance records
  • Time tracking software with stopwatch function
  • Accounting / Dunning
  • Customer contacts / CRM
  • Liquidity plan
  • Resources (cars/IT)
  • Cashbook
  • Staff
  • Placement planning
  • Mobile recording
  • Internal communication
  • Office management software
  • Construction ERP software
  • Mobile recording
  • Available online and offline

Top Construction Management Software

For over 25 years, PROAD software has proven its worth at almost a thousand companies of all sizes. Our project management software has been constantly developed and adapted to meet new requirements, from Basel II, to cloud computing, to mobile applications.

Distinctions such as the 2012 “Best of” industry prize for ERP solutions and the Initiative Mittelstand’s 2013 “IT innovation award” for one of the best ERP systems are proof that the software is both innovative and user-friendly.

A demo version will show you how simply you and your staff can use PROAD project management software to master even the most complex of processes.