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Whether IT company or business consultancy, creative team or marketing division: Service providers spend up to 50 percent of their time with project administration. The smart project management tool from PROAD Software helps you, to work faster and more hassle-free. Dashboards, resource management, Gantt charts, time recording and reporting - this way you have all your projects under control!

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Frequently asked questions on the project management software

Launched nearly 30 years ago as a software for classic advertising agencies, we have grown with the sector and have developed PROAD to a comprehensive project management tool for the entire service sector - after all, lean processes and efficient work are not only worthwhile for agencies. Today, PROAD is used in more than 1,000 project-orientated companies, including the creative sector, software developers, IT system businesses and consulting companies. Also, numerous marketing divisions of large corporations appreciate PROAD's industry-specific features. In a nutshell: PROAD Software is suitable for all service providers, in whose daily work routine team work, scheduling and task management play a substantial role By the way: With PROAD ONE we also offer attractive packages for freelancers and start-ups!

The big advantage: PROAD is an integrated complete solution, reaching far beyond conventional project management. You now only need ONE tool for all essential work flows, from the first new customer to invoicing. No matter if you wish to integrate the bookkeeping or need a ticket system - with PROAD you can put together the desired features and compile your individual software package. We have also provided for option which enables connection to a special third-party software: PROAD has an open REST API interface. Despite PROAD's rich feature diversity, we attach great importance to keeping it uncomplicated in handling. The user interface is self-explanatory and offers manageable dashboards, as well as easily customisable reports. Also, the templates can be adjusted to your corporate design in no time.

Yes, PROAD actually offers four different time recording models. We are aware that the mere mention of "time recording" provokes annoyance on the employee's faces. Compared to time sheets, the introduction of digital tools has unfortunately not brought about any significant changes - logging of project expenditure remains a nuisance. However, this is vital for sound calculations, correct statements and meaningful project controlling. Therefore, we have paid great attention to detail when developing the PROAD time recording tools. In addition to the standard feature with multiple customisation options, there is fast-time recording, a stop-watch and weekly time recording for routine jobs. You can integrate time recording directly on your dashboard with widgets and also start the recording from within the project by just a few mouse clicks - simple, fast and the right tool for every situation.

Yes, with PROAD you can manage an unlimited number of projects simultaneously, without losing track. Group calendars ensure that you never miss a deadline again and Gannt charts visualise milestones and temporal dependencies. The most difficult task in multi-project management is subordinate resource planning. The task manager is thus your central PM-tool in the PROAD software - at just one glance you see which to-dos still need to be assigned and the specific dates on which certain employees have spare capacity. With drag & drop the tasks can simply be shifted until maximum capacity utilisation is reached. Project changes are automatically synchronised and also sick reports and vacation periods are included in the overview. Practical features, such as the cross-project to-do overview, display individually filtered and sorted task lists - for example according to appointment, priority or responsibility. You can also comment on your tasks and retrieve histories or assigned documents.

With the PROAD software's project overview, you can track the status quo of all projects in real time: With just a few mouse clicks you gain an insight into the project progress, which tasks are due next and how much budget is left. The management dashboard is even advanced one step further and evaluates all important key figures company-wide, from capacity check to revenue-expenditure trend. Conventional cost accounting with individual reports is directly integrated in the project management software - for example according to cost types, cost centres, customers or projects. Another very convenient feature is the early-alert-system, which automatically sends alert-mails to the stored employee mailing list, as soon as the individually defined budget limit is exceeded.