Project management

Without project management, companies often struggle with efficiency. PROAD helps teams organise projects and optimise work processes. This not only saves time, but also money.


Project management made easy.

Are you looking for profitable methods for organising projects? PROAD project management software is the solution. With it, list chaos, misunderstandings and paperwork are a thing of the past. Thanks to our all-in-one tools, you only need this single software for the entire management of projects.

Manage customers, plan resources, distribute tasks and always keep an eye on the budgets of each project. Decide for yourself which users need which functions and keep your team on the same level thanks to our many communication options for all projects.

Your Advantages

That is why the PROAD project management software is worthwhile.

As different as every project is - as diverse are the possible uses of PROAD. Our software not only makes project managers happy, but also offers all employees and teams many advantages when planning their projects.


All-in-one tool

Our tool combines all important functions for your projects in one software.


Full integration of external programmes for seamless management.


Never forget a deadline again - thanks to PROAD's email reminders.


Analyses help to optimise processes and work more effectively.


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PROAD accompanies every management step

Seamless project management

A project goes through many phases until it can be successfully completed. The PROAD software accompanies the entire project management process and offers the appropriate functions for each work step.

Step 1

CRM & Customer Care

In the first step of project management, your customers must be well looked after. The best way to do this is with our CRM tool. A CRM tool is the best way to collect all customer information in one place and keep track of all old and new customers. Central management also helps you to acquire new customers.

Step 2

Task Manager

With the clients on board, it's time to plan the project. For this, your team can use the task manager of our software. With it, you can plan resources, assign tasks and set deadlines. Gantt charts and project traffic lights also show you which phase your project is currently in.

Step 3

Time Recording

While working on the project, the time is recorded almost by itself. Our stopwatch and quick time recording tools make this possible. With just a few clicks, your employees can track their time and comprehensive analyses help to discover potential and make better use of resources.

Step 4

Controlling & Reporting

Not only the working time can be analysed with PROAD. During and after the project, you can track all processes and work steps. This helps you to question your methods and optimise the planning and implementation of the project. This saves you time and money and increases the efficiency of your project management.

Step 5


PROAD also helps in the final phase of project management. With the accounting module, you can create invoices and reminders in your corporate identity, store receipts digitally and in compliance with the law, and have your finances analysed. This gives you full control and minimises risks.


Seamless Communication

In order for the management of projects to function smoothly, both the project managers and their teams within the company as well as the clients must be on the same page throughout the entire process. With these high requirements in mind, we have developed various methods and tools that allow you to manage internal and external communication in an uncomplicated way. Collect your ideas in shared idea boxes, always know what's important with shared dashboards and save time by simply holding the next meeting via web conference. Internal surveys also help you plan projects.


Try out the free demo!

Simply create a PROAD demo account and test the project management software without any obligation.

Implement project management software

This is how the PROAD software integration process works.

You want to use PROAD's project management for future projects? Our team of trained employees and trainers implements the project manager straightforwardly into existing company processes and explains the software on site.

1. Kick-off meeting

We start every implementation with a kick-off meeting where you can tell us what you expect from a project management software.

2. Configuration

Once we know your wishes and projects, we start configuring the software and choose exactly the right modules for your goals.

3. Data migration

Of course, your data must not get lost. That's why our staff will integrate them into the new software.

4. Optimisation

Even after the setup, our team offers you the necessary support and helps you to optimise the software for your project management.

98% happy customers

Around 1,200 companies worldwide work with PROAD.


creatively organised

Other highlights

Creativity must never be missing from our software. That's why PROAD combines project management with enterprise gamification. This is designed to encourage collaboration and creativity among employees and ensure that they don't lose their fun with the software through features like drink reminders and mood barometers. Our Shoutouts are also the perfect place for small text messages to reach the whole team.

At PROAD, you can decide for yourself how to organise your projects. A practical tool for this is our ticket system. There you can open small text cards for each project, so-called tickets. You can use them to record deadlines, set up reminders and note down tasks. Then arrange the tickets in the way that suits you best. We call this intuitive project management.

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