Time recording

Time is money

The "basic package time recording " offers companies of all sizes an ideal starter solution. In combination with the PROAD "basic package CRM", all time recording is assigned to customers or jobs with just a few clicks of the mouse. This allows you to concentrate on your actual tasks and have more time for the core business.

„HGA Creative is coming up to its 10th year of using PROAD as our agency management software system. This has been a decade of growth and maturity for our business, and PROAD has developed with us over that period. It is a seamless suite that all of our people find easy to use – whatever their needs, from simple time recording to more complex planning and scheduling.“

Michael Henderson, Managing Director at HGA Creative

Proven hundreds of thousands of times

Intuitive operation: Day after day companies save valuable time during time recording with PROAD.

High customisation

Customised time recording: The adjustment possibilities for your needs are guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired.

Analysis & reporting in the matter of seconds

For your own capacity and operational planning or as a report for customers: You have all the times available with just a few clicks.

The fitting feature for every situation

Standard time recording

with differentiated input possibilities

Fast time recording

simple and with just a few clicks

Stopwatch function

perfect for “job hoppers”

Weekly time recording

for routine jobs and longer-term activities

And even more ...

Absence calendars and holiday planners are also completely integrated, including quick links for sick notifications and holiday applications. And don't forget the material recording for the recording of other calculable costs.

PROAD can do even more

Project management

Order processing


Ticket system

Let's not kid ourselves: time recording is one of the most unpopular activities regardless of if it is done in agencies, consulting or IT companies. A lot of employees are annoyed that they have to record their work times for company controlling or even feel like they are being monitored.

But controlling is anything but monitoring: Reliable time recording is the basis for correct customer reports, well-founded calculations and current actual-target analyses.

How many time resources are still available for the project or from the retainer? Does the budget fit or do countermeasures have to be taken early on? Your tool should be as comfortable as possible in order to have the acceptance for time recording be as great as possible.

Excel lists and notes are out - now you can document your work time with just a few clicks of the mouse with PROAD. Not just at your work place in the office, but rather also while on the go by tablet or smartphone.

• Maximum acceptance in the team • Simple calculations and reports • Detect exceeded budgets early on

• Simple calculations and reports

• Detect exceeded budgets early on

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