Project management

Project management made easy

As a service provider, your everyday work consists of projects: Small and big, internal or in cooperation with partners. Always having an overview of everything is an art in itself. Professional project management saves you the most important resource: time! PROAD does not forget any dates, knows immediately which team members have capacities for work and warns you early enough if the budget is exhausted.

„PROAD Software has been Live & Breathe’s agency management system for the past 9 years. As well as its digital job bag functions, it also generates essential management information at the macro and micro level and overall it works well for us. In addition, PROADs technical support and response times to queries has always been very good.“

Adrian Watts, Chairman at LIVE & BREATHE

Good planning is half the battle

Step by step to success: With bar and Gantt charts, you can immediately visualise the time schedule and project progress. It does not only look great, but rather it is also very helpful.

Perfectly organised team work

When you start PROAD, you will be welcomed with your personal task overview. All team members know what jobs have the highest priority - and what they have to do next in order to contribute to the success of the project.

Avoid overloading and idling

A new order from the customer - who is available? Calendars and group calendars allow you to have a smooth utilisation plan and also make sure that you do not miss any more appointments.

PROAD can do even more

Time recording

Order processing


Ticket system

Did you know that project management sometimes takes up to 50 percent of your work time? Do you often want more time for the really important things - for good conversations with customers, for more creativity or simply be done with work earlier? Then smart project management software is everything. Because the clever management of projects means above all having an overview of a lot of information.

Whether an agency, consultant or IT company: The challenges in project management are also increasing quickly for service providers. More and more people are working in more and more complex projects, sometimes from external or in distributed project teams. Endless status meetings, annoying reports and unnecessary mistakes are the result.

With PROAD, you can design your processes professionally and easily coordinate, distribute and control tasks - even while on the go. This saves a lot of time and frustration.

• Perfect capacity without stress

• Better cooperation

• Fewer mistakes and more success

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