Order processing

Order processing from A to Z

Let's be honest: writing offers, issuing invoices or checking off a reminder - that is not any fun. The good news: Order processing is so well thought-out in PROAD that annoying office work can be done as quickly and automated as possible

„PROAD Software has transformed our booking system. We handle over 35,000 individual media booking records per year and it was hard to see how some of the other ad systems on the market would be able to cope with this volume. PROAD Software has consistently provided a good value, reliable and robust service. Our data is easily accessible and well presented. Their support backup is extremely capable and they have worked with us to introduce developments to enhance the media system. We’re glad we chose Michael and his team and would recommend their system to other agencies.“

Clive Goodman, Goodman Associates Ltd.

This makes office work fun!

Documents like calculations, general terms and conditions, contracts and correspondence can be linked with the orders. And with the integrated invoice checking, the invoice chaos resulting from incoming invoices remains a thing of the past as well.

From the offer to the invoice

From an offer, you can easily make an order confirmation and after completion of the project, the order quickly becomes an invoice - of course on templates in your corporate design.

Order processing for professionals

If you have to be a little faster, you have everything under control with the tools from the "Extended accounting" and "Extended invoicing " additional modules: Open items and semi-finished services, a comprehensive dunning system, framework contracts and, and, and ...

PROAD can do even more

Project management

Time recording


Ticket system

Have problems with your customers again because of a lack of punctuality? Do you keep having liquidity problems due to large outstanding payments? The causes are often in order processing.

From the request to proposal creation all the way to incoming payment and (if necessary) dunning: How professional these processes are organised has an influence on the quality of your service and, of course, your company's success as well.

Professional order processing also helps you save costs by reducing the processing times and decreasing the error rate. Your customers are more satisfied, because proposals can be sent quicker thanks to clever templates and meeting protocols and reports are available at any time.

Your incoming invoices will be paid quicker, discounts used and dunning fees avoided through automated invoice verification. Do you not have enough time for all this office stuff? Order processing is brilliantly simple and efficient with PROAD.

• Smooth order processing

• Optimised payment flows

• Transparent communication

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