New widget "Productivity"

In PROAD, your productive time is defined in addition to your contractually agreed working hours. This is the time you should typically spend on chargeable projects. With the new "Productivity" widget, you can now see your personal productivity score at any time. The widget determines your individual productive time from the master data, deducts sick leave and approved holidays in the period under consideration and thus represents your personal target value for productive time. This is the number of hours you should work as billable time per week or per month. Your actual value is determined from your time recording entries, i.e. the number of hours you have worked on client projects (and if desired also on projects for prospects). Your productivity is calculated from the ratio of both values and displayed as a percentage in the widget.

In this way, you can see what contribution you have made to the company's success and how far you are from your weekly and monthly targets.