Jitsi web conference server with PROAD

The open source software Jitsi Meet is a popular video chat alternative to Skype and Zoom and is also used for our PROAD web conference module. At the request of many users, there is now an extension so that you can also integrate your own Jitsi server into PROAD.

It is now possible to configure a self-operated jitsi.org instance in PROAD instead of the free jitsi.org web conference server. The only prerequisite is the licensing of the "web conference" module - and of course the setup and operation of the corresponding server. To use your own server, you only have to enter the correct server address under "Agency > Settings > Options > Web conference". Whenever you call up a conference room in PROAD, your own jitsi.org server will then be used automatically.

For information: jitsi.org is a collection of open source services. PROAD does not receive any benefits or compensation for integrating the jitsi.org web conference or recommending the services. More information on setting up your own jitsi.org web conferencing server is available on the official jitsi website.