Import contact data to mobile device

In the area of master data and there for clients, prospects, suppliers, contacts, employees and freelancers, the new function "Import contact data to mobile device" was integrated in the tab "Addresses". If a contact is selected from the list, the QR code icon above the list can be used to call up a layer that displays a QR code. If the QR code is read in with the smartphone (using the native smartphone functions or a QR code reader), the contact data of a master data record can be transferred to the mobile device.

Screenshot PROAD QR Code feature

You want to transfer the contacts of selected customers, suppliers or freelancers to your smartphone? This can now be done very conveniently with the new QR Code feature. The vCard Standard 3.0 is used for contact data transfer. It is also possible to download the contact data as a vcf. file in order to import it into other programs (such as Outlook).