Useful: To-do-overview on the dashboard

4 new widgets provide even more flexible dashboard customization tailored to your needs.

Screenshot To-Do-Overview Dashboard

Tasks, tickets, appointments and histories can now be individually placed as widgets. With the additions to the Tasks and Appointments widgets, you can also create full to-do summaries on the dashboard. If you want, you can put together a kanban board this way. It can be filtered to your own tasks and tickets or to those of an entire team. Furthermore, filters can be used to restrict to new or already started tasks and tickets. Furthermore, the two widgets provide the following information about a task or a ticket at a glance: Responsible, status, assigned project, due date, overview of planned, actual and remaining costs. Finally, the status of each task and each ticket can be changed directly on the dashboard with a click. To provide an even better overview, the tasks and tickets can be configured in a large and a small widget variant.