Improved Individuality: the PROAD Login Screen

After refreshing our login page in December, we now take it another step further: From now on, you can completely customise the background image of your login screen!

Cusomisable PROAD login screen

You want your dog to greet you when starting PROAD? No problem - thanks to the customisable login screen!

If you prefer being welcomed by your own motifs instead of the changing wallpapers from the Unsplash picture service, you can set this up now. Your dog, your family, a magnificent sunset, reminding you of your last vacation - feel free! You can also store an individual picture for each day of the month. Tip: If you are a hobby photographer and take great shots, you can upload them to Unsplash and inform us - we will gladly add more motifs to our collections and share them with other PROAD users!