From our Development Laboratory

PROAD is the most popular software in the project business - and to keep it this way, we develop new features almost daily, streamline existing work flows and tune the design. Our target is to provide you with the smartest, most contemporary and intuitive software on the market. We therefore regularly share information with our users and get reputable technology and UX-experts on board as our "sparring partners".

Not every idea can make it into our releases and many minor improvements seem unspectacular at first, but in fact contribute to more straightforward and uncomplicated operations. We would like to present you with the most important product news and previews.



Accounting news: SEPA 3.3 & new interface

PROAD Interface Pegasus Opera

The SEPA export has been upgraded to version 3.3 to ensure the current standard and the best possible compatibility with the majority of all banks. Backwards compatibility up to version 3.0 is guaranteed. In addition a new financial accounting system was connected to PROAD: Pegasus Opera II Enterprise. This can now be licensed to transfer all financial accounting aspects to the financial accounting system.

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Holiday overview with additional timescale

PROAD holiday overview

For an even more precise planning and checking of the requested and approved holidays, we have added an additional timeline to the PROAD holiday overview, in addition to the previous scales (year / 6 months / 3 months): it is now possible to display only one month. In this new view, the display is based on individual days.

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Revision: Gantt goes "Project Plan"

Screenshot PROAD Gantt Projektplan

The Gantt chart visualizes a sequence of activities on a time axis and is an important tool in project management for planning and controlling projects. We know how much you enjoy working with it and have therefore made the PROAD Gantt view even better. It is now called "Project Plan" and shines in new splendor with numerous new functions.  

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Newly designed hourglass with animal companion

Screenshot PROAD loading bar

We are firmly convinced that work should be fun. Gamification therefore plays an important role in the optimisation of PROAD software processes - this time we have redesigned the PROAD loading bar. Have fun with it!

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Dialog lists with new interface

Screenshot PROAD dialog list

To have fun working with PROAD, a tidy user interface and clear dialogues are important. We have therefore made our lists views even better!

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Absence widget with new features

Screenshot absence widget

Are you in the process of implementing new work working models or have you already done so successfully? We have now implemented the new requirement "work where you want" in PROAD. The absence widget has also received some more new features.

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New: Switch between your dashboards

Screenshot dashboard switch

PROAD offers you a variety of different dashboards - the more important that you can reach your favorites in no time!

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New: 4-week view in the task manager

Screenshot PROAD task manager

We have extended the task manager and integrated a 4-week view in addition to the existing 2-week view. This way you can determine the workload over a longer period of time and make free resources visible. Overbooking can also be detected and corrected early on.

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Gantt view becomes even more comfortable!

screenshot PROAD gantt

After planning is before planning: An important task of project management is the flexible and competent handling of changes in the course of the project. PROAD makes change management as easy as possible for you: The deadlines of To-Dos can be changed in no time at all, even several To-Dos or even complete project phases. The time delay can be any number of days, weeks, months or even years. Particularly practical is the new or rescheduling of projects in the PROAD Gantt view.

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Cross-project order documents

Screenshot Cross-project order documents

New: With PROAD you can create cross-project order documents, for example quotations, invoices, inquiries or orders. This works for internal services, external services and also for material.

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