From our Development Laboratory

PROAD is the most popular software in the project business - and to keep it this way, we develop new features almost daily, streamline existing work flows and tune the design. Our target is to provide you with the smartest, most contemporary and intuitive software on the market. We therefore regularly share information with our users and get reputable technology and UX-experts on board as our "sparring partners".

Not every idea can make it into our releases and many minor improvements seem unspectacular at first, but in fact contribute to more straightforward and uncomplicated operations. We would like to present you with the most important product news and previews.



Tech upgrade: PROAD 6.0 has arrived!

tuning under the bonnet

Our release target has been achieved: PROAD users benefit from improved performance and stability and can rest assured that our software not only meets the latest security standards, but is also technologically well positioned for the challenges of the digital future.

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New: E-invoice standard "XRechnung" in PROAD

"X marks the spot": In recent months, we have been working hard to make PROAD even smarter and more digital in the area of electronic invoicing.

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New project tab "Performance overview

A new tab has been integrated in the project dialogue: The service overview. Here, all services rendered in the respective project are clearly displayed.

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Jitsi web conference server with PROAD

The open source software Jitsi Meet is a popular video chat alternative to Skype and Zoom and is also used for our PROAD web conference module. At the request of many users, there is now an extension so that you can also integrate your own Jitsi server into PROAD.

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New financial accounting connection to SAP

Screenshot PROAD SAP

The financial accounting export in PROAD is in SAP-compatible format, the SAP-compliant export file can be imported and processed further in SAP using the "Mass Data Upload" function.

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Import contact data to mobile device

Screenshot PROAD QR Code feature

In the area of master data and there for clients, prospects, suppliers, contacts, employees and freelancers, the new function "Import contact data to mobile device" was integrated in the tab "Addresses". If a contact is selected from the list, the QR code icon above the list can be used to call up a layer that displays a QR code. If the QR code is read in with the smartphone (using the native smartphone functions or a QR code reader), the contact data of a master data record can be transferred to the mobile device.

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New: Reset payment run

PROAD Reset Payment

The new function allows the user to reset a payment run that has been made. Resetting the payment run resets those payments that were posted when the payment run was originally executed. Such payments, which have been entered or changed manually, are not linked to the respective payment run and are therefore not reset! A maximum of the last 10 payment runs can be reset and only those that are not older than one month.

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Accounting news: SEPA 3.3 & new interface

PROAD Interface Pegasus Opera

The SEPA export has been upgraded to version 3.3 to ensure the current standard and the best possible compatibility with the majority of all banks. Backwards compatibility up to version 3.0 is guaranteed. In addition a new financial accounting system was connected to PROAD: Pegasus Opera II Enterprise. This can now be licensed to transfer all financial accounting aspects to the financial accounting system.

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Holiday overview with additional timescale

PROAD holiday overview

For an even more precise planning and checking of the requested and approved holidays, we have added an additional timeline to the PROAD holiday overview, in addition to the previous scales (year / 6 months / 3 months): it is now possible to display only one month. In this new view, the display is based on individual days.

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Revision: Gantt goes "Project Plan"

Screenshot PROAD Gantt Projektplan

The Gantt chart visualizes a sequence of activities on a time axis and is an important tool in project management for planning and controlling projects. We know how much you enjoy working with it and have therefore made the PROAD Gantt view even better. It is now called "Project Plan" and shines in new splendor with numerous new functions.  

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