From our Development Laboratory

PROAD is the most popular software in the project business - and to keep it this way, we develop new features almost daily, streamline existing work flows and tune the design. Our target is to provide you with the smartest, most contemporary and intuitive software on the market. We therefore regularly share information with our users and get reputable technology and UX-experts on board as our "sparring partners".

Not every idea can make it into our releases and many minor improvements seem unspectacular at first, but in fact contribute to more straightforward and uncomplicated operations. We would like to present you with the most important product news and previews.



New Report "attendance control"

New Report

Very useful for project leaders and HR managers: get to know the evaluation possibilities of our new report "Attendance control"!

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Two more customizable dashboards

New customizable dashboards

Dashboards are very useful, e.g. one dashboard for your ideas and one dashboard for current projects. Use your new customizable dashboards now!

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New: Node Widget

PROAD Node Widget

Quickly capture a few thoughts, prepare a meeting, make notes for a meeting minutes, or simply memorize a brilliant business idea!

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New health widget: drink reminder

Screenshot drink reminder

Do you drink enough throughout the day? Drinking water is important for your health - and PROAD will help you.

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Target-actual-comparison of project sections

Illustration New Report "Tasks / Phase"

Want to evaluate the status of project sections quickly? You can do this with the new report "Tasks/Phase Target-actual-comparison". 

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Web conferencing rooms for everyone

Screenshot Web Conference Extension

As an extension of our web conferencing widget introduced in April, you can now use custom web conferencing rooms in PROAD.

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New Report "Forecast Planning"

Screenshot Forecast Report

Only those who have access to reliable data about expected discrepancies, can recognise and promptly deal with project trends.

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New: Time-Cockpit in the project

Screenshot "Time Cockpit"

With the new Time-Cockpit, the status of own work in a project can be recorded at a glance.

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New widget: My time account

Screenshot Time Account

Discover the new widget "My Time Account" and improve your self-management!

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New: Web Conferencing Widget

PROAD Web Conferencing Widget

With our new web conferencing widget, a free web conference can be started from PROAD quite easily, without preparation and without additional installation of software or plugins.

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