From our Development Laboratory

PROAD is the most popular software in the project business - and to keep it this way, we develop new features almost daily, streamline existing work flows and tune the design. Our target is to provide you with the smartest, most contemporary and intuitive software on the market. We therefore regularly share information with our users and get reputable technology and UX-experts on board as our "sparring partners".

Not every idea can make it into our releases and many minor improvements seem unspectacular at first, but in fact contribute to more straightforward and uncomplicated operations. We would like to present you with the most important product news and previews.



“Idea Box” - the creative widget

Screenshot Widget Idea Box PROAD

The "Idea Box" widget puts an end to the creative paper chaos and now no flash of inspiration will be forever lost. Simply enter a headline, topic and note and you're done. Convenient: If required, the entire contents of the Idea Box can be exported to Excel for further processing via the functions menu in the widget.

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A handy widget: “Internal Messages”

Screenshot Internal Messages PROAD

Boost communication in your company with the "Internal Messages" widget – the perfect way to announce news and dates, introduce new employees to the team and much much more.

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The new “Shoutouts” widget

Screenshot Widget Shoutouts PROAD

Always wanted to tell your colleagues what a great job they're doing? Or is your team tackling a difficult project and needs a little encouragement? With short messages and playful icons, the "Shoutouts" widget is the perfect motivation kick!

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NEW: Public dashboards

Screenshot Public Dashboards PROAD

Each company has staff-specific information. Therefore, in addition to personal dashboards, you can now set up public dashboards and fill them with widgets of your choice. Public dashboards can be "pinned" to dashboards with critical contents and will pop up directly after the login.

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NEW: Cross-client price lists

Screenshot Import Price List PROAD Software

Elaborate entering of price lists when creating new clients is usually not one of the most popular tasks. That is why PROAD now makes your job easier: If you use the same price lists for several clients, you can transfer existing price lists from other customers with just a few clicks.

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As many personal dashboards as you need!

Screenshot Dashboard My Taskboard PROAD Software

Blank dashboards + almost 30 widgets = unlimited possibilities! Every user can individually assemble his or her perfect support for the daily work flows. Whether to-do lists, a brainstorming tool or multifunctional appointment overview: Compile as many personal dashboards as you need! Simply by dragging and dropping.

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Text modules - now also for emails!

Screenshot Mail Modules PROAD Software

A central pool of text modules is very handy, saves a lot of time in mail correspondence and ensures a linguistically consistent corporate image. Therefore, your text modules can now also be included in PROAD mailings.

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New dashboard widget "tips & tricks"

Screenshot Widget tips and tricks

The PROAD interface is very easy to use, but we are sure that there may be some smart workflows you still don't know. Simply integrate the new widget "tips & tricks" on your dashboard - so you will become a true PROAD professional!

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What's new: Check after login

Screenshot What's new login

Be honest: Have you already installed the latest release? If you use our cloud solution, we take care for you - but if PROAD is hosted on your own server, you will miss out on smart new features and important bugfixes.  

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Automatically round up time registrations

Screenshot Tme Recording Round up

Smart time recording is important for correct accounting and avoids annoying discussions on billed hours. The new PROAD feature "complete rounds" makes time recording more flexible, so that you are able to fit the recording units to your needs.

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