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An overview of all modules

Basic packages

Select the basic packages from the overview in accordance with your requirements. These packages compliment one another. The CRM basic package is always included and you can either add the Time Recording basic package or all basic packages to this.

The first basic package contains a complete CRM system to manage all contacts, vendors, customers, freelancers, interested individuals and employees.

Customer histories and reminder lists make sure that every activity with your contacts can be tracked. All contacts and companies can be classified through individual profiles and assigned any number of characteristics in order to be able to elegantly select them and search for them automatically.

The foundation of any integrated complete solution - the heart of your database. Combinable with every other basic package and the following modules.

In addition to the CRM basic package, the project management & time recording basic package also contains the creation and management of projects through the assignment and management of job numbers and the corresponding reporting.

This includes complete time recording for company services according to standard or customer-specific hourly rates. All of the people who participate in the project will be listed as job partners here and are permanently in touch. Whether recording is done by default through a large time sheet or through a small, smart time recording widget in the sidebar - each user decides what they want.

External freelancers can also easily be integrated in the time recording method here. A stop watch function rounds off the system for time recording for all participants.

  • Job mask
  • Time recording
  • Time recording from task
  • Weekly time recording

All operative elements can be illustrated in an integrated complete solution with the budgeting & accounting basic package. In addition to the CRM and project management and time recording basic package, it also contains a complete offer and budget administration as well as complete accounting.

The foundation for reporting as well as for project management and billing is laid in the budget administration. The affiliated proposal management is realised as usual in a PROAD software product with integrated text processing that permits users to have a maximum degree of freedom to implement their corporate design.

In addition to this, there is also operational accounting that integrates all external costs into the system and thereby holds it for billing and controlling - both for project-related and company-related costs. Last, but not least, the company reporting about profits, external costs, income, personnel costs as well as profit margins for jobs, customers and all other definable structures rounds off the basic package.

The special highlight, however, is the dashboard and here explicitly the management dashboard, which provides graphically prepared information for company control directly for the owner and manager.

Extra modules

Here you will find the additional modules for your individually configurable solution. You need these to supplement the basic packages.

The project management module contains the entire topic of milestones, tasks and appointments in a chronological illustration through lists, Excel and Gantt charts, which should help to visualise the progression of the project. Appointment adjustments and movements can be done directly in the Gantt chart.

An automatic transition from the budget into the Gantt chart can be created through the budgeting and accounting basic package. Multi-project management in the Gantt chart is also integrated.

  • Todo overview
  • Todo job
  • Gantt diagram job

In the basic package, the management and organisation of all human resources issues begins with the creation and management of employees and user roles for access to the system.

Internal hourly rates, skills, abilities and availability can also be entered for employees. Contracts and both external and internal documents can also be saved here.

The core here is the resource and capacity management, which shows and allows for graphic overviews of free resources for the future as well as for the direct assignment of tasks and appointments through the task manager or calendar views. Since holidays and illnesses also play a role in capacity planning, these two aspects are considered here as well.

  • Task manager
  • Workload
  • HR calendar

In addition to the standards of project-related billing, the user has the possibility to consolidate any number of projects into one offer or one bill. This is often desired within framework agreements that are processed over many projects and still only require one invoice.

In this job-wide bill, PROAD still distributes the profits to the individual jobs that are added together here. Despite everything, the job controlling is still absolutely correct.

  • Job-wide bill

In an additional update, predefined billing terms can be used to automatically offer all invoices in regards to a balance sheet date that are to be billed automatically. This tool is indispensable particularly for companies with periodic billing contracts, hosting services and monthly fees.

  • Serial invoice
  • Billing procedures

Thanks to the customisable criteria in the ticket system, the module is perfect for bug tracking. Work cycles that are found by online agencies and IT companies can be illustrated here. In addition to this, documents, uploads and emails can be processed in a ticket. The ticket can be processed for projects and customers and once it has been processed, it will end up in time recording and billing.

Last, but not least - a customisable DMS system within the ticket system allows for complete documentation.

  • Ticket system
  • DMS

The order management module is important for companies that have a significant share of external costs within the scope of their project business. Requests per project for suppliers that make it possible to manage the supplier's offer content serve as the basis for selection when ordering the requested service. Once the orders have been placed, the incoming external invoices can be compared with open orders and therefore provide an idea of the expected external costs.

  • Overview job orders
  • Orders POS list
  • Order document

Companies that have to cover cash transactions every day in addition to invoice traffic can keep one or several cash registers . A cash register consists of deposits and project or company related expenditures that are included in the cost accounting. As a result, the cash book for each cash register reflects the income and expenditures within the scope of small inventory management.

  • Cash register out
  • Cash register in

External invoices can be paid through all bank portals in the SEPA standard in electronic transactions so that you have an overview of the open items in your company software at all times.

Claims can be asserted for customers in a multi-level warning procedure should they not pay punctually. Simultaneously, incoming payments are booked to their accounts.

  • Warning procedure open items
  • Warning procedure document
  • Invoice
  • Payment suggestion

Based on the management of publishers and media master data, the company defines advertisements in the media for their customers. These can be managed with customisable criteria in the price lists - whether page prices, mm prices, pixel prices, second prices or prices according to the number of clicks - the user defines their own environment. Orders for publishers, the recording of publisher invoices as well as advance and final payments for the customers are included just as cost and distribution plans. The media processing tool is only needed if a high media volume in the company makes it necessary to have mass processing.

In addition to the comprehensive controlling pool, PROAD has an integrated early warning system that automatically checks all projects to see how much they are still in the designated - budgeted - scope. Once the predefined budget in the area of own, external or material services has been exceeded, the budget control will automatically send warning mails to the project manager as well as to a customisable list of participants.

Additionally, early warning stages can be used that already send a warning, for example, once 80% of the budget has been reached in order to allow the project manager to take action on time.

  • Budget control


Here you can select the interfaces you wish to use in your system.

PROAD works with tasks and appointments. In order to guarantee that collected data is available everywhere, calendar synchronisation allows for the possibility to compare this data bidirectionally with other systems.

The most common systems like Exchange, Kerio and CalDav (Baical, DaviCal) are currently supported. With PROAD as a leading system, you also have the possibility to view capacities and resources in PROAD and simultaneously illustrate them in the external view (for example, smartphones, etc.).

The basis for processing emails is the creation and management of the email accounts from all employees.

Here you can manage any number of email accounts per employee. Emails can be imported from all mailboxes that can be controlled with IMAP. During the assignment of incoming emails, the pre-selected mailboxes are imported and assigned according to different criteria. You can assign any email to either companies (customer, interested parties, vendors) or people (contacts, employees, freelancers) or a job or a ticket or a task. The emails assigned in this manner can be opened and edited directly under the respective section.

The significant advantage is clear here: Now all employees have access to the emails provided that they have the rights for this.

The following applies in general: You tell us the financial accounting software that you use either in your company or with your tax consultant and we make sure that your relevant data is exported from PROAD into the accounting software. This normally applies for all incoming and outgoing invoices as well as sales receipts - this also applies to debtors and creditors in individual cases.

PROAD software has an integrated outbound telephone connection to VOIP telephone systems for the Centrexx system from the Deutschen Telefon Standard AG. Any other telephone system that can be controlled through PHP can also be integrated.

At any place where a telephone number is stored in PROAD, the corresponding contacts can be selected through the telephone symbol.

Inbound calls are currently being planned.

  • Telephony from job

A REST API interface establishes the data exchange with other systems for the developers. Whether it deals with contacts and companies with other CRM systems or tickets with other ticket systems or times with other time recording systems is first important in the second step.

In the first step, the REST API provides contacts and companies in the exchange. Other data segments that will be exchanged must be confirmed, coordinated and implemented, because each customer has their own needs.

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