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A small overview of our reference list from all over the world

This small excerpt will give you a quick overview of our satisfied customers – either on a national or international level. Are you interested in finding out how successfully PROAD Software is being used for management control? Or how satisfied the companies using PROAD Software are with our services? Please feel free to contact them! We are sure that our contact partners will be able to help you in this respect.

Nearly 1000 agencies, IT companies and consultants in Europe and Asia can’t be wrong!


HGA Creative

HGA Creative is coming up to its 10th year of using Proad as our agency management software system.

This has been a decade of growth and maturity for our business, and Proad has developed with us over that period. It is a seamless suite that all of our people find easy to use – whatever their needs, from simple time recording to more complex planning and scheduling.

We have been hugely impressed with the amount, quality and ease of the Management Information that we get from Proad and this has helped us make key decisions that have had the double benefits of providing a better service and experience for our clients whilst also improving our profitability.

The level of support we receive from Proad is faultless and the constant innovation and development that they bring to us confirm that we made exactly the right decision when we chose Proad.

Michael Henderson, Managing Director

Goodman Associates Ltd. (London, UK)

PROAD Software has transformed our booking system. We handle over 35,000 individual media booking records per year and it was hard to see how some of the other ad systems on the market would be able to cope with this volume- PROAD Software has consistently provided a good value, reliable and robust service. Our data is easily accessible and well presented. 

Their support backup is extremely capable and they have worked with us to introduce developments to enhance the media system. We’re glad we chose Michael and his team and would recommend their system to other agencies.

Clive Goodman

Jupiter Advertising

PROAD totally impressed us with its versatility and capability as a total agency software solution. So much so, that we moved away from the agency software we'd used for over 20 years. Once implemented (which was pain-free), the training and ongoing support is faultless. And the system can do even more than we originally hoped for, too.

We can't recommend it highly enough. Thanks PROAD!

Fiona Horton, Agency Director


PROAD Software has been Live & Breathe’s agency management system for the past 9 years. As well as its digital job bag functions, it also generates essential management information at the macro and micro level and overall it works well for us. In addition, PROADs technical support and response times to queries has always been very good.

Adrian Watts, Chairman

Siebel GmbH

In 1992, we decided to use agency software, because we were suffocating from the classic paper jungle of the agency. Our demand for structured work led us to look for suitable agency software. After a very intensive selection process, we decided for PROAD and have yet to regret this decision.

Ute Siebel, D. Uwe Maier-Siebel, Managing Director

Kreisvier communications AG Switzerland

Our decision to adopt PROAD Software was exactly the correct one from a long-term perspective. Our conclusion: PROAD Software is in many respects the right and most suitable software solution as far as our agency is concerned. PROAD Software supports us with professional project work and supplies us with the flow structure required to successfully control our agency. 

Ms. Hafner, Managing Director

Rimagine Photograghy Shanghai Co., Ltd. Changhai

The photography company decided they wanted to work smarter as opposed to harder and after doing some research on the internet they came across PROAD’s web page.

Over a six months research period, we looked at a lot of different products, but PROAD Software seemed to have all we wanted from a company wide production system.

NETEYE GmbH Germany

We started with our own solution for time recording, finally also for documentation and evaluation purposes, but relatively quickly realised that we needed a professional solution after all and then it didn’t take long for us to decide in favour of PROAD Software.

For a short while beforehand we had been using a solution from another provider, but this was not nearly so satisfactory as the solution now provided by PROAD Software.

Sven Starke, Geschäftsführung

"I like to see contact reports, status reports, timing plans, budgets, estimates. I don't like surprises and nor do our clients."

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Tom Robertshaw, Managing Director of LRD







"My 3 year business goal is to continue to grow ignis whilst retaining our unique culture."

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Stephanie Whitaker, Managing Director of ignis







"Getting the right people into the right roles and motivating them to perform will create the right culture to win and keep profitable accounts."

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Clive Goodman, Director of Goodman Associates






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