The PROAD Software Team

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About our company

We at J+D Software Ltd. take care of the whole support area. Since more than 25 years, our product is the ultimate solution in the advertisement agency and communication agency market.

Our product PROAD Software is focused on your market since the very beginning when we founded our company. During this process we have developed a full range of functionality which is concentrated only on your market.

Today nearly 1000 agencies, IT companies and consultants are already working with PROAD software in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Our history

A new era beginns

This year we have changed our development method to Agile development. As a result, this enables us to create a high-quality product and streamline our product development. We can now better that ever deliver new features in short cycles. Your benefit is a product with high customer value .

At the beginning of this year we had our annual kick-off.
This is a meeting where our consultants, developers, testers, support, sales, administration and management have once again introduced their experiences. 
The knowledge and experience of all our employees allows us to provide new features in the area of ​​agency software and project management software. And hence improve our services for you.

Anno 2014: A year in the fast lane

PROAD Software, now with two complete product lines, covers not only the technological needs, but also the needs across industries in integrated management systems more and more.

Be it agency software, the ERP system for IT companies and consultants, or office management and management software for architects, civil engineers and planning offices: PROAD Software is always at the forefront.

Almost a “must-attend” event for our customers: the annual user conference with more than 60 participants.

J+D launches the first release of the PROAD web solution to market.

The international business is expanded further, with numerous new clients from Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Czech Republic, Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore and Shanghai.

J+D Group has more than 500 national and international customers and celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The third generation of the latest PROAD release arrives on the market, PROAD professional. The corporate identity of J+D is revised completely and adapted to modern requirements.

Conversion of Janssen & Dörrstein GmbH into today’s J+D Software AG. More than 100 national and international customers already trust and use J+D software.

Janssen & Dörrstein GmbH expands into Europe with the founding of J+D Software Ltd. in England. 

About our management

Stefan Dörrstein

Stefan Dörrstein

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Michael Schmiechen

Director J+D International, Customer Relations & Consultancy

Graduated in Business Administration with emphasis on Marketing. With over 10 years of experience as a consultant in the agency sector he has a competent knowledge of Agency control, reporting and financial ratios through consultancy and implementation projects. He is responsible for the J+D Software Customer Relations, Consulting and Support.

Peter Arnold

Head of Development