Analytics meets Creativity My BrainHub: the brand-new dashboard

PROAD breaks the boundaries of traditional business software and for the first time connects analytical facts with creative impulses – for 100% brain power, more creativity and maximum joy of use!

New ideas. More fun.

Enjoy the next level of work!

Time tracking, turnover reports, deadlines: These proven features are important, but we know that successful teams need more than the rational analysis of data. That is why we are rethinking business software from scratch: In close collaboration with specialists from the most diverse disciplines we have developed an innovative dashboard, which connects both brain hemispheres. PROAD is becoming your BrainHub!

Surprising insights
Interaction in the team
Fresh visualisations
Happiness & fun

Discover your emotional dashboard!

"My BrainHub" sets facts in a completely new context and overs as much space for creativity as your team needs. And that is only the start of a an integrated design: We are already working on the newest smart BrainHub features – let us surprise you!



Do you want to be among the first to benefit from 100 per cent brain power? Then get the new dashboard!

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