Analytics Meets Creativity: My BrainHub is here!

Successful teams in creative industries need more than a rational analysis of data. That is why we are rethinking business software from scratch: In close collaboration with specialists for the most diverse disciplines we have developed "My BrainHub" – an innovative dashboard, which for the first time combines analytical facts with creative impulses! We have summarised the most important facts hidden in the details for you here.

My BrainHub - the smart connection of analysis with creativity

Let's face it: A lot of software solutions can do time tracking, reporting and product management. Of course, we are convinced that PROAD performs these important tasks more intelligently than others. But the pace of change continues to increase and in recent months we have grappled intensively with the future of business software. What do agencies really want? How will creative work look in 2020? And what can we contribute with PROAD? We have spoken with countless agencies, decision makers and users, researchers, trend scouts, future researchers and UX specialists.The

Three Main Results

  • Traditional agency software is limited to analytical features and limits potential as a result.
  • The gamification approach is also a decisive factor for success in B2B solutions: "Joy of use" beats functional versatility.
  • In the age of "new work" models, the role of business software as a team-building tool is becoming ever more important.

Our ambition has beenstirred up – we want to become even better! The topmost aim of our agency is, therefore: PROAD breaks through the boundaries of traditional agency software! We won't give away everything you can expect in 2018/2019 today, but it is exciting!

The first step is the new "My BrainHub" dashboard. With itwe are, as the first agency software provider to do so, ending the focus on the left, rational hemisphere of the brain and are connecting analytical features with creative impulses.

Why are we doing this?

Around 90 per cent of adults have forgotten how to use both hemispheres of the brain and by doing so give up on up to 50 per cent of their performance. This is where My BrainHub comes in. Because in the creative industries users can expect agency software, which addresses their right, emotional brain hemisphere equally.

The same applies for the joy of use: The "heavy user" generation transfers the user experience from the B2C world unconsciously to B2B software at work. That is why our approach is based on the classical understanding of usability. Intuitive "user comfort" is no longer enough for the future, whereas PROAD wants to stir up the creative processes and create stronger interaction in the team. Only software that is fun to use will be accepted and eagerly used by staff.

Our Design for 100% Brain Power

To begin with: Of course, PROAD retains all of the proven functions – rational figures and analyses are and will continue to be important! But with My BrainHub we are opening up the narrow limits of analysis. The new dashboard is based on the most up-to-date findings in brain research and was developed in close collaboration with UX professionals. Here we are directly addressing the right hemisphere of the brain, meaning the abilities involving curiosity, creativity, intuition and emotion.


The "My BrainHub" Dashboard

My BrainHub offers surprising insights and shows you figures from an entirely new perspective. Fresh visualisations and playful features ensure more happiness and invite a team to interact. All areas can be individualised – a great form of play for more creativity! And that is only the start, as we are already working on the newest smart BrainHub features.



Enjoy the next level of work!

The "My BrainHub" dashboard is already live for our PROAD Sky customers and can, of course, also be tested in the demo account.

Share your experiences and wants with us – we look forward to your feedback!