What’s new with PROAD: the new features for October 2017

Our Agency software PROAD is designed to make the day-to-day work in agency management and project control more efficient and intuitive. Therefore our development team is continuously working on enhancing the user experience. At this point we want to present the most important new features in greater detail.

Usually in "The Agency Blogger" we report on news and current topics from the world of agencies. Today, however, we want to put the focus on ourselves and report on some new features of our agency software. Brand new in PROAD: the revised task manager, a new report for "Job Contribution Summary", a birthday widget on the dashboard and travel expense entry with foreign currency.



The revised task manager:

Our revised task manager provides a fast, day-to-day overview of the utilization of individual employees. At a glance, it is shown whether an employee has free capacity, is already busy or even overloaded. Already planned holidays, registered diseases and individual availabilities are also taken into account. All projects, tasks and tickets that have not yet been assigned to an employee are displayed in the task manager and can easily be assigned by drag & drop. Changes to specific projects are also automatically synchronized within the task manager.

The revised task manager gives an overview of the utilization of employees and facilitates the assignment to projects.


The new report for "Job Contribution Summary":

Another innovation in PROAD was made in the area of the reporting tools. A new report type called "Job Contribution Summary" is available in the Report Center. It gives a quick overview and enables the evaluation of projects in terms of revenue, cost, income and time costs up to contribution margin. At a glance, the status of a project can easily be reviewed and evaluated.


Birthday widget on the dashboard:

For all those users who like to keep an overview on all the birthdays of colleagues and clients, we finally implemented a birthday widget for the PROAD dashboard. Over the settings icon on the dashboard tiles the widget can directly be activated and it will show you whether or not some presents will be due in the coming days.

With this widget the birthdays of colleagues and clients will always be visible.


Travel expense entry with foreign currency:

Last but not least we also extended the travel expense entry in PROAD with a currency exchange calculator. In addition to the entry of travel expenses in the agency currency, these can now also be entered in a foreign currency. Foreign cost documents can be converted into the agency currency according to a predefined exchange rate.

The currency exchange calculator facilitates the entry of travel expenses in a foreign currency and allows for easy conversion into the agency currency.


And that's not nearly all of it. In regular intervals we enhance and expand our agency software with new functions and improvements. A complete overview of new features, changes and updates is available in our release-notes.