Omnis and PROAD: Growing together for 25 Years

Cooperation and partnerships are the be-all and end-all of daily business. One example for the importance of trust in such projects is shown in the PROAD cooperation with Omnis Software. J+D Software have been working together with them for 25 years. Therefore it's about time to introduce Birgit Jäger, managing director of Omnis Software Germany.

Birgit Jäger, Managing Director of Omnis Software Germany

She actually performed a quite impressive career move just recently. In particular she acquired the responsibility over worldwide sales and marketing: "Since February we renamed our company to Omnis Software. This strengthens our Omnis brand and our Omnis Studio product. It allows a faster association with our application development tool." she explains. With a new name it is surely a challenge to maintain the high standing in the market. The key factor in this is to include the customers in the communication process and keep them up to date. For Birgit Jäger this is the secret to successful customer relation: You have to be able to communicate and understand the needs of the customer to enable a mutual development.


Omnis started in the 1980s with the development of database systems and desktop solution platforms for PC networks. Their mission: designing a development system that is compatible with any database. "When Microsoft released their first Windows operating system, Omnis was the only development environment with the capability to create cross-platform solutions compatible with Windows and Mac. That was in 1990." Birgit Jäger remembers proudly but quite wistfully. Back then she was a sales manager for the German Omnis distributor. In 1995 she established the German subsidiary of the company, which she has been expanding ever since. "Not only the company evolved continuously but also the customers did. For over 30 years we have been growing with our customers. It is essential to know the needs of our customers and to satisfy those." she explains.


Omnis has constantly been developing further and adapted to customer's specific requirements. In recent years this development was especially focused on cross-platform solutions for web applications and mobile devices. Today Omnis supports thousands of application developers and corporate clients to find solutions in the most diverse industries. Those include health, real estate, advertisement, media, public authorities, trade, finance, logistics and charitable organizations. Those clients are divided in three groups, although the transitions are fluent:


  • Development Companies: They are creating standard programs and distribute them with minor customizations. Among those are many leading industry solutions. This group makes up for almost two thirds of all Omnis customers.
  • System-Houses and Consulting Companies: They are mainly running project business and require individual solutions. This group makes up for about 20 to 25 Percent of our customers.
  • Large Corporations and Public Authorities: They usually develop solutions in their own IT department for internal purposes.


"In the elapsed business year we were able to achieve a growth of over 15 percent. A majority of this growth was reinvested in the continuing development of our product. As one of the leading application development tools worldwide for the creation of solutions for corporate, web and mobile applications it is our mission to support all leading technologies and to enable communication between current software and databases. For one thing to simply ensure our customers success, so that they are always up-to-date and at the same time protect their investments. Also for sales-related reasons: besides the enormous productivity, the connectivity and communication capabilities are the strength and a hallmark of Omnis Studio. 35 years of experience speak for themselves." Birgit Jäger says.


J+D Software uses Omnis specifically as a development platform for their successful PROAD product line: "The J+D Software company is one of our most loyal customers for over 25 years. By now we share a very close and trusting business relationship. It is very important that we are capable of dynamically reacting to J+D's requirements and wishes and to implement new features into Omnis. We are helping J+D to stay "ahead of the curve" and at the same time improving our product according to the interests of all our customers. It is fantastic to observe how customers like J+D refine themselves time and time again. We are proud to be a part of that process."


Omnis has its headquarters in Great Britain and has subsidiary companies in France and Germany as well as regional distributors around the world. Their presence in the US-Market is currently also in progress. Omnis Software is owned by OLS Holdings Ltd, based in the United Kingdom.


Additional information on the company and Omnis Studio can be found on: Omnis, Twitter and Facebook.