Expanding the PROAD services to Italy: a new strategic partnership with customer1st

PROAD is expanding its services to Italy: A new partnership with our distribution partner customer1st makes that possible.

Following the successful expansion of our Software distribution to the UK at the end of last year, we are now proceeding with the Italian market. Therefore we established a partnership with Multichannel Digital Marketing specialist customer1st. They will support us with distribution and market development on-site.

The technology company from Florence specializes in Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence and Sales Force. As the name might reveal, they put their customers to the highest priority. Their team of experienced professionals operates through various technologies in the field of multichannel campaign management such as E-Mail Marketing, Customer Relationship Management as well as Data Integration Systems. Their customer oriented approach and long-time experience makes them the ideal partner for the circulation and distribution of the PROAD agency software in Italy.

"PROAD Software can address the needs of a wide range of companies, from the little startups to the biggest ones. Therefore it is perfect for the Italian market. That's why we believe that we will have lots of demand." explains Maurizio Pieragnoli, Chief Executive Officer of customer1st. Originally the contact to the Italian company came about through mutual business relationships. By now customer1st themselves are using the PROAD agency software to coordinate business operations.
„As our sales partner customer1st has a lot of experience and expertise in the Italian market. They are using the software themselves and are therefore having a deep understanding of our product. This enables them to give credible recommendations to other companies." says Stefan Dörrstein, Chairman of J+D Software Ltd.

Upon entering the Italian market, customer1st will introduce PROAD to clients like Agencies, IT and Consultant Companies in Italy. They will support them with the installation and utilization of the software, to help them optimize their internal processes. Together we are best equipped for all the specific needs of different companies in Italy. Today PROAD Software is being distributed in six countries already. Following Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Dubai and Italy we are aspiring our next expansion to the Asian region.