PROAD’s New Look and Feel

Everything is changing in 2017 – and PROAD software is, too. First and foremost that means the improvement of the user experience of our software. We have optimized all dashboards and dialogues and made the user guidance even more intuitive. Today we'll introduce the new look and feel of PROAD in more detail:

A tidier and easier to use interface means one thing (among others): more fun working with PROAD. Nobody has tons of time on their hands to spend on questions such as „how high is my budget for this client?" or „how many days off did the project manager take?" The answers to those questions should on hand at first glance. We also changed the colours and fonts to make PROAD much more appealing – and easier to read. Our role-based dashboards (for managing directors, project managers and co-designers) offer all the functions that are relevant for your area of responsibility – and they are easily customizable.


The Centrepiece: Our Revised Dashboard for Managing Directors

The completely revised dashboard for managing directors

A managing director must have an overview of the agency's most important KPIs at all times. And because time is money, we have made the new management dashboard even more neat and organized. Income and expenses, the utilization of employees as well as the top customers and top service types are always in your focus. On average, companies with an agency software save twelve to eighteen hours per month – that's a lot of time that you might find better use for, right?


Careful Planning is Crucial: The Dashboard for Project Managers

The new dashboard for project managers

Not only does the management need a quick and therefore efficient overview of everything going on in their agency. Project managers also need to know at all times how their projects are coming along. The dashboard for project managers is exactly tailored to their specific needs. The quick view shows the projects' progress and deadline. If the closing date is coming closer, the depiction changes from green to orange. The budget traffic light shows how much of the budget is still available and if there might have to be budget adaptations as a consequence.


An Overview of the Day in 60 Seconds: The Dashboard for Co-Designers

The new dashboard for co-designers

Not only managing directors or project managers will profit from the new look and feel of our software. We also revised the dashboard for co-designers and made it much easier to work with. All current to-dos are listed on the dashboard according to priorities and are colour coded. The dashboard also offers a direct entry into all jobs that the employee is currently working on. The overviews of capacities and of course the time recording have been positioned centrally and are always close at hand.

As you can see we have thought about all employees when revising our software – since everybody has to be comfortable with PROAD!

If you have any further questions about out new look and feel, feel free to contact us at +44 (0) 845 450 4588 or via E-Mail: