PROAD ONE – Even big players start out small

We have shortly introduced our newest product in our blog article about our big website relaunch a little while ago. Today we'd like to introduce the small version of our PROAD Software, PROAD ONE, in more detail.

New website for PROAD ONE

Small agencies, IT- and consulting-companies might not have to deal with a huge flood of tasks that the big players on the market are exposed to oftentimes. But the daily business has to be handled and processed in the same way as in large businesses: one has to have an eye on different projects, maintain a reporting and pay attention to budget calculations. This is where our small solution PROAD ONE comes into play. With its features it is best equipped for businesses and start-ups with up to ten employees. With our software there will be less time spent on organisation, meaning much more time will be available for the things that are really important: projects for customers, working efficiently (time is money!) or maybe even an earlier end of the work day.
All advantages at a glance
• PROAD ONE is a cloud based solution: It is directly accessible via the URL – you don't need any protracted installation, not even your own servers.
• Keep an eye on everything with the central PROAD ONE-dashboard: Which tasks have to be finished for which customer, deadlines, customer histories and also tasks that have been completed already.
• One thing shouldn't be missing even in small businesses: the time tracking. With PROAD ONE it is possible to track all expenditures of time at the click of a mouse and can quickly be shown as a reporting, too.
• How much budget is still available? And how is profitable is the business? The feature "Budgeting and billing" in PROAD ONE allows to take care of office work quickly and shows you, where the money is earned in your business.
• Our solution is pretty big in project management, too: It includes milestones, tasks and dates and even capacity planning.
As you can tell, our small solution isn't really that small – it is fairly packed with great features. Have a look, all information about PROAD ONE is available here.