PROAD: Rollout for the facelift-model

Tuning for PROAD: In order to make it more user-friendly, we have invested a lot in our PROAD-software

The completely revised PROAD user interface

PROAD’s user interface changed the most after we put all its workflows, dialogues and dashboards under close scrutiny and completely revised them. The result is a much tidier layout: our new Management-Dashboard for example shows all revenues and expenses as well as the agency’s workload.

What to expect in 2017

As a result, PROAD is becoming much more intuitive in its handling. The newly revised desktop-dashboard shows the most important KPIs – hence you can have an eye on all your projects at all times and controlling is becoming much easier.

In addition to that our software now supports 64-bit operating systems to ensure compatibility and efficient memory and processor usage.

We are further working at high pressure on a new mobile app with a revised user interface. We will launch the app around the second half of 2017. And because all that is not enough, we will also relaunch our website – for more clarity and joy of use.

We will keep you posted about all upcoming new features – definitely something to look forward to!

If you have any further questions about the new features in the meantime, feel free to contact us - either via phone +44 (0) 845 450 45 88 or email: