We’re expanding our services: Strategic partnership with Stripe OLT

PROAD is expanding its services in the UK: A new partnership with IT-consultants Stripe OLT makes that possible.

Our new partners in the UK: Stripe OLT

Stripe OLT with offices in London and Bristol was founded twelve years ago. Mark Dale and Alex Eley started off as in-house IT-managers, specializing in services for creative and digital agencies. Today the 15-strong Stripe OLT team offers IT-consultancy and external IT-services. As you can tell, they are highly acquainted with requirements of and challenges for different agencies.

And that makes them the perfect partner for us: PROAD plus Stripe OLT equals 37 years of experience in the agency scene. Together we are best equipped for the specific needs of different agencies. Stripe OLT is a great consultant specialized in IT that offers our (prospective) customers competent advice and a thorough understanding of our PROAD agency software. That enables them to implement our software in the most efficient way.

Our chairman Stefan Dörrstein is very excited about the new partnership: “Stripe OLT’s thorough approach to business IT management is great. They understand our software thoroughly – and with that knowledge can ensure that our customers’ infrastructure offers seamless access and sturdy backup services, so all their important data is secured all the time.”

Stripe OLT Director Alex Eley adds: “PROAD proves to be invaluable for many of our clients in the agency scene, especially when it comes to managing their business. In order to support our clients effectively, we have to understand the day to day operations of their business, their processes and priorities – that includes core business applications such as PROAD. This partnership therefore emphasizes the wealth of our knowledge and experience with their software.”