My Favourite Campaigns: Come Out of Nowhere by Nike

Stefan Dörrstein, Founder and CEO of J+D Software Ltd.

My favourite campaign is once again a sports-focused campaign. This time, it’s not about athletics or MMA, it’s about basketball. But once again, it’s about more than just the sport – it’s about paying respect to athletes. That is what Nike [] does with its forceful new campaign “Come out of Nowhere”, directed by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.







Nike: Come Out of Nowhere

On October 25th the new NBA-season opened with the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James playing – and winning – against the New York Knicks. James is also the testimonial for Nike’s new campaign that was launched in time for the start of the new season. “Come Out of Nowhere” celebrates the stars of basketball and motivates young athletes to – like their role models – come out of nowhere and become great players.

The spot shows young athletes – all wearing James number 23 on their back – that are being excluded. LeBron James himself speaks the voice over: “You’re not supposed to be here. You’re not supposed to get out of your neighbourhood. You’re not supposed to believe you can do it.” Again and again, like a mantra: You’re not supposed to be here. But as you can guess: The young athletes work hard and play really good. In the end, LeBron himself walks into the arena – the screen shows the call “Come Out of Nowhere”.

The spot is supposed to embolden people. LeBron James is a very well chosen testimonial for a campaign like that: He was born in a poor neighbourhood, his mother was only 16 years old and a single mom. James had to live in a foster family for some time – his foster-dad taught him to play basketball. His talent soon brought him a scholarship for high school, with which he won the state championships. What follows is well known: NBA-Star, setting records and finally winning the NBA Finals in 2016 – despite a seemingly uncatchable series deficit.

Nike knows storytelling. And they show that once again with this campaign. It inspires young athletes to go against all odds and become a pro. Just like LeBron James. But not only James serves as a role model in this campaign: Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant are also part of it. Inspiring images with them are being shown on social media and as Out-of-home campaigns in their respective markets.