My Favourite Campaigns: Blind Fighter by iD Mobile

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Stefan Dörrstein, Founder and CEO of J+D Software Ltd.

Again a sports-focused campaign – I guess my preferences are clear by now. But this campaign is about more than just sports: It’s about people that inspire. People that go their own way in the world. The UK-based mobile network iD Mobile tells the stories of people like that – collected under the hashtag #DoYourOwnThing. The whole campaign consists of four parts, each one portraying a person or a group of inspiring people. I was especially impressed with part four:





iD Mobile Network: Blind Fighter

„Blind Fighter“is a series of three short videos. We only posted the first one on here. All other videos can be viewed on the company website. The campaign was created by London agency CHI&Partners. It portrays Lee Hoy of South Shield, UK, in three short videos:

The 28 year old was born blind, after a parasite in his mother’s womb had permanently damaged his retina. “Blind Fighter“ tells how he learned to fight without being able to see. Lee Hoy was bullied in his childhood and youth. He was plagued by self-doubts and anxiety. Until he decided to change his life: He wanted to become a martial artist – in one of the hardest martial arts there is: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Becoming an MMA-fighter made him a lot more confident and helped overcoming his fears. Today, Lee Hoy fights against both blind and seeing opponents.

Admittedly, the campaign has nothing to do with mobile communications. But it leaves a big impression. CHI&Partners know their job and tell a both moving and inspiring story. If a blind man dares to become an MMA-fighter, shouldn’t we all be a little more audacious? Or to put it simply: dare to just do our thing?