Let’s talk about success: Clive Goodman, Director of Goodman Associates

Our German blog and its column “Let’s talk about success” are already well known in the agency scene of German-speaking countries. Since we have increasingly been growing internationally, we think it’s about time we also introduce some of our international customers on our blog. Therefore, we will now regularly interview Managing Directors of different ad agencies in the UK about the ups and downs of the business. Today: Clive Goodman, Director of Goodman Associates.

Clive Goodman, Director of Goodman Associates

1.) What do you thinks makes a successful Director of an ad agency?

I think you need to have good people skills above all. Getting the right people into the right roles and motivating them to perform will create the right culture to win and keep profitable accounts. Too many of our competitors focus on sales before service and hire people with the wrong skill sets.

2.) Are there people in the industry that have inspired you personally? If yes: Who and why?

Lots of people. This is a complicated business and there’s always something new to learn especially in the digital age. If I had to pick one person it would be Ted Glyn, the former Northcliffe sales director who taught me more about dealing with people than anyone else.

3.) Which character traits are most important for your own successful career?

Drive and energy – if you try hard enough…

4.) From which of your mistakes have you learned the most?

Trusting the wrong people! Dealing in a high turnover, low margin business any mistakes are inevitably expensive!

5.) How do you deal with setbacks: quickly forget about it, or take a long time to deal with it and think about what went wrong?

Depending on what it is… Usually we dust ourselves down and get on with it. Life is too short!

6.) What keeps you at the top of your game?

The prospect of low annuity rates and paying for my daughter’s wedding!

7.) Which goals have you set for 2016 – work related and in your personal life?

To learn more and be better at what we do as a business.

8.) How do you motivate yourself to accomplish your objectives?

I remind myself every month that survival is not compulsory.

9.) Success in the communication industry – in professional practice it is always dependent on teamwork. How do you control your agency?

We have a virtually flat structure. Easier I realise with a relatively small team but it works for us. Giving people short, medium and long term goals and letting them use their best judgement. Falling forward…

10.) Extra hours, pitching, and home office – the daily routine in an agency is often as creative as it is flexible. How do you stay on top of things?

Technology allows us to be more flexible but after 35 years in there’s still nothing like being in a busy office, shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the team late into the evening to get things done.

11.) What type of time manager are you: chaotic or pernickety organiser?

I’m not a manager at all – I let people get on with it themselves. We’re all adults and everyone here knows the consequences of their actions.

12.) Are there time management methods you are using at work that you took with you into your private life?

Doing the most important things first and keeping at them until they are done.