Up Close and Personal: Flavio Gaziano

Who are the people behind PROAD? In our series "Up Close and Personal" J+D now shows its face and introduces its employees. Today: our sales assistant Flavio Gaziano.

Flavio Gaziano, Sales Assistant

1.) How would you describe your job at J+D Software AG in four sentences?

As is customarily seen in sales, I contact prospective buyers to acquire new customers and arrange appointments for product presentations. Sometimes I also support customer care with other activities.

2.) Why did you apply for a job at J+D?

I was looking for a new challenge in a small, manageable unit such as J+D.

3.) Complete the following sentence: "Without me, J+D would be: …"

… a really small sales team. ;-)

4.) What was your best experience in J+D? What happened (e.g. the most bizarre question in the forum)?

Unfortunately, I have been with J+D for too short a period to have experienced anything bizarre.

5.) What motivates you?

After a long, successful day, as an ambitious competitive dancer, I enjoy going to training to achieve success in that field, too.

6.) What is your favorite day of the week and why?

Friday, as I can look back on a successful week and look forward to the next one.

7.) What type of a lunch guy are you? Alone/in the team/at the workplace/food you bring along/bought food/ go out for food?

I am sort of a mixed type - because I need the variety.

8.) Tell us a secret about yourself that your colleagues don’t know yet?

I haven’t been here that long, so I’d like to keep the suspense going ;-)

9.) Describe your weekend in a few sentences.

Chill out, family, friends, tournament training and possibly also participation in a tournament…