PROAD: Up Close and Personal - Jens Heimer

Who are the people behind PROAD? In our new series, "PROAD: Up Close and Personal", J+D has decided to take centre stage and introduce you to its employees. Today, our series of interviews is being kicked off by our software developer Jens Heimer.

Jens Heimer, Software Developer

1.) Can you describe your job at J+D Software AG to us in four lines?

I am employed as a Software Engineer. I have been responsible for a multitude of projects during my many years of working for J+D Software AG. At present, the main focus of my work is on the migration and reporting environment in PROAD Sky.

2.) Why did you apply to work at J+D?

A conversation that I overheard in a restaurant at a neighbouring table ultimately led me to J+D.

3.) Complete the following sentence: "Without me, J+D would..."

...not be what it is today! No, seriously, we all get on well with each other and have a good working atmosphere.

4.) What was your most bizarre experience at J+D? What happened (e.g. the weirdest enquiry in the forum)?

Seeing a fax on the wall showing a floppy disk that a customer had sent us in order to provide us with "a copy" of his data…without success

5.) What motivates you?

Challenging projects that allow you to be creative

6.) What is your favourite day of the week and why?

Thursday. Why? Probably because that's normally when we start new tasks.

7.) How do you tend to eat your lunch? On your own/in a team/at your desk/a packed lunch/a bought lunch/a meal out?

I normally go out to eat with my colleagues.

8.) What was your most exciting project at J+D so far?

Designing PROAD Sky from a paper draft up to its current stage of development

9.) Can you tell us a secret that your colleagues don't know about you?

Secrets that I still have after so many years here at the company? They're private.

10.) Describe your weekend in just a few sentences.

Family, sport and relaxation...