J+D Software AG Welcomes a New Member to its Management Team: Sascha Möller Is the New COO

With career highlights, such as a job as a shrimper off the coast of Croatia, being responsible for the operation of an Internet café in Málaga and many years working as a manager in the retail world, the owner of this remarkable CV certainly promises to offer plenty of practical experience. He is therefore also the ideal candidate for a management position at J+D Software AG. Please give a warm welcome to...Sascha Möller!

Sascha Möller, COO

Sascha Möller, Chief Operating Officer

We are delighted to welcome Sascha Möller to our team as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO) with immediate effect. The 39-year-old is now responsible for the areas of product development, customer management and organisation. He is currently working with around 1000 companies based in Germany and around the globe.

Möller boasts many years of international experience as a leading manager and established an excellent base of well-founded expertise during his around 10 years of work in the Lidl group of companies. Alongside a variety of different management functions, he most recently worked as a Sales Director and Authorised Representative of the company Lidl Dienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG. The main focuses of his career to date have been international project management, international auditing and the development and implementation of software.

Möller has been working as a self-employed management consultant both in Germany and abroad since 2012. We already met last year via a consulting assignment and I soon realised that the further development of this business relationship would be profitable for our company.

I look forward to working with this new member of our team, who is sure to be a strong driving force behind the further expansion of our company thanks to his expertise and experience. So without further ado, I would like to welcome Sascha Möller to J+D Software!