PROAD's New Agility

This year, we are welcoming you, our customers, to our team as Scouts for the further development of our software.

A new year brings new resolutions and from now on, we have resolved to directly involve our users in the further development of our PROAD software. This new approach is based on the principle of agile software development, which means making product design an even quicker process that is closer to its target market.

You therefore shouldn't be surprised if you receive an e-mail from us over the next few weeks. If you do, it means that you now belong to our group of PROAD Scouts: customers whom we already ask for expert feedback during the product development phase. Are we going in the right direction? Do our new features provide you with more and/or improved benefits? What additional services do you require?

The scouting process will work as follows: We require approx. 15 minutes of your time in order to introduce you to our new features directly, and conveniently, on your computer. We will do so by remotely accessing your computer and showing you an interactive presentation containing mock-ups of the new version before asking for your opinion: What do you think of the benefits of the new functions? Does the software look good and is it easy to use? We will then take on your feedback and incorporate it into PROAD's further development activities.

In reference to the advantages of the PROAD Scout programme, our Chairman of the Board, Stefan Dörrstein, explains that: "The agency world is turning faster and faster and to keep up with this, we need to constantly speed up the further development of our software. In order to ensure that we can do so without going round in circles, we consistently involve our customers in this process right from the word go. This transparency forms the basis for an even higher speed of innovation."

Are you interested in participating in the PROAD Scout programme? If so, sign up to be a Scout now!