PROAD Sky release 4.1.93: A look under the bonnet

PROAD New ReleaseOur PROAD Sky release has been online now for several weeks and the first response shows that the innovations are being well received. Have you already taken the opportunity to look at the latest version in detail? Here in brief is what we have improved for you!



The top 5 new PROAD features at a glance

  • Convenient for time logging: Now you can start a timer directly from each job or customer dialogue via the tab function menu of your tasks. The only requirement is that a job and a service type must be saved for the task.
  • To support PROAD beginners even better, the range of functions of the PROAD wizard has been expanded: If necessary, it now also accompanies you through the individual steps in creating project planning.
  • To facilitate the selection of suitable employees and freelancers in the task scheduler, you can now also manage the necessary "skills" in the various types of services via a new field. With a few clicks you can unite new tasks with the best matched employees by assigning types of services and abilities to your employees and freelancers.
  • Our ticket system has also been refined: Via the new "phase" field you can link each ticket with a specific job Gantt phase - and when needed also dissolve and assign different phases. The phases are defined in the Gantt view of the job dialogue.
  • Even more deadlines on the radar: From now on you can display up to 6 calendars in a window.

In addition to these "big" new features many small changes also facilitate work processes; for instance, in the preparation of documents the list for selecting the template is now sorted alphabetically. We´ve also eliminated some bugs in the course of the release, including problems in the calendar display.

If you have questions about the new features: Contact us or ask your question in our PROAD forum, we're here to help!

We hope that we have reached our goal, namely, to make PROAD even more user-friendly for you! Do you have any suggestions? Our development team is looking forward to receiving your feedback