Beautiful new browser world: The market expects technological innovation

In everyday agency routine, more and more the trend is intensifying towards stationary browser-based solutions. Michael Schmiechen, director of customer service and member of the executive board, business administration graduate and consultant with years of agency market experience, knows the background and presents the advantages of the new PROAD Sky software.

1.) There is a trend towards browser-based software solutions. Why is that and how does one recognise that demand is increasing?

We receive direct feedback from our customers because we are in constant dialogue with them. Generally however, the market simply demands innovations and innovative approaches. Stationary agency software no longer quite cuts contemporary standards. Intelligent browser-based solutions provide a number of simplifications to make it more efficient to organise everyday agency routine, to monitor time and attendance logging and to register all relevant agency data. Working models are now more and more flexible. With the new PROAD Sky software, you can access your data anytime from anywhere.

2.) What exactly is PROAD Sky?

PROAD Sky is a browser product; software that is accessed via the browser and which helps agencies and companies to monitor and control their projects. This includes an overview of projects, time and attendance management, budget calculations and much more.

Home of the PROAD Software dashboard

3.) If you had to highlight one advantage of PROAD Sky, what would it be?

That cannot be answered on the fly, unfortunately. The new software provides our customers with a modern and attractive user interface with intelligent functionalities. However, one innovation of which we are very proud is the streamlined user interface. It is equipped with cockpit functions and intuitive use. The visual elements of the dashboard provide the user with an ideal overview of all relationships - budget overruns for example. This instinctive operation also means the need for training is reduced. And thanks to the browser solution, client installation is no longer necessary.

4.) How is PROAD Sky different from PROAD Professional?

The proven functionalities of PROAD Professional have been expanded and improved. We have a newly developed and fully integrated CRM tool and a fast integrated word processor based on HTML. Moreover, there are new features such as an intelligent holiday planning, calendar synchronisation interfaces to popular calendar systems as well as a time and attendance recording.

5.) What role does project management play?

Project management takes on an ever greater importance as a subject of everyday agency routine. In addition to managing individual projects, marketers and consultants are at risk of no longer being able to cope with the sheer volume of daily business. In PROAD Sky this elementary area has therefore been thought through again from scratch, so that projects can be intelligently controlled and scheduled. Ultimately, as an agency planner, I need to know how and when I can process an order.

Maintaining the overview on the job: Job dashboard

6.) How does switching from PROAD Professional to PROAD Sky work?

Switching to PROAD Sky is really very simple. A migration program transfers the data from PROAD Professional to PROAD Sky without any problems and without data loss. System logic and processes are similar in PROAD Sky, so that the changeover for PROAD Professional customers takes place without major familiarisation issues. Accompanying the changeover in person is a matter of honour for us.