You need to have project management in your agency software

In earlier days the usual stereotyped thinking of agencies about the word "planning" was striking. If you listened to people in the company, everybody had the same opinion: "We cannot plan because the client determines our work flow sequence. Each order must be processed immediately and as quickly as possible, because that is what the client expects. Planning is hence superfluous, because it is already superseded at the time of planning itself."

The logical consequence of this of course included growing susceptibility to errors. Also disagreement from the client and the frustration of the employees due to overload and lack of in-house quality.

But today the tide has turned. Those agencies that are now in a position to accurately plan and manage work overloads in peak periods with more resources from the market, have a distinct competitive advantage. Increasing quality, fewer errors, satisfied clients and motivated employees are the logical consequence.

But this trend has gained more and more acceptance on the market. Project management has received a significant boost in the context of ERP-systems and in the field of agency software. Today the user expects content such as tasks, deadlines, tickets, milestones, calendar, reminders, Gantt charts, capacity, availability, holidays and sick leave management to be an integral part of his software. Of course, all this combined with tools such as client management, time logging and invoicing. And this is exactly where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

So when you are looking for the appropriate tool for your business, make sure you observe not only the standards such as client management, job management, clocking etc. but also, in particular the functional depth of issues emerging from current trends: the project management.
Your client will thank you at the end of the day. And your employees too.