How to settle your agency accounts quick and easy with Recurring Invoices

Our new Recurring Invoices tool allows rapid settlement of accounts in agencies.

As part of the last major update for our browser-based job management we have developed a new accounting tool. We designed it to further simplify the everyday billing for our customers.

In my blog post today I would like to give you a short introduction to this tool.

Fast and efficient settlement of recurring invoices

Recurring Invoices, such as those for monthly hosting or flat-rate consultation fee are time-consuming. Besides, there is always the danger that these are either not billed or are not billed in time.

The new Recurring Invoices tool relieves you from this entire work of regular billing. It displays all invoices due for settlement on the cut-off date. This way the invoicing is never too late or even forgotten. All the invoice documents due are easily generated, booked and then despatched merely by pressing a button.

This saves many hours of accounting in a month.