A day in the agile software development of an agency software

Practically the entire company meets once a week to discuss the issue of the next module in the PROAD software development for our customers. This includes the Team (Software developers and testers) as well as the Product Owners (Management and Customer support), who define the next Sprint (fixed time frame for the implementation of requirements of the product to get it ready for delivery).

The day begins with the Review - The Team presents the outcome of their request from the last sprint up to acceptance to the Product Owners. It is then examined together in retrospect as to what could have been done better and more efficiently.

After the lunch break the Product Owners explain to the Team in the Planning 1 about prioritising the steps to be implemented by the team. Last but not least, in Planning 2 the Team assesses which requirements of the Product Owner can be actually implemented in the next Sprint considering the technical feasibility and the time frame available and confirms the same to the Product Owners.

The result is a high-quality product that provides new features in very short cycles and therefore has a high customer value.