Agency Software and Project Management 2015: The Kick-Off

Every year, the entire core team responsible for the PROAD software family returns to a true kick-off event in order to check what needs to be achieved in the current year in order to provide both our customers and the market with new products and innovations that offer real added value.

Consultants, developer, quality managers, customer advisers, sales representatives, administration staff and management staff all contribute their experience towards providing new features for agency software and project management software in the PROAD software family.

All ideas and requirements are immediately recorded and weighted before being  finalised by the departments after the meeting. The main focus of this work is, of course, the product. Nevertheless, we also consider the extended range of services accompanying the product, which is also becoming increasingly important. This range of services includes topics such as webinars, documentation, forum contributions, blogs, white papers and studies that are also produced and/or maintained by team members specialising in the area in question.

At the end of the day, all parties involved (yet again) agreed that the extremely constructive and exciting event was full of ideas and produced results that give our customers plenty to look forward to in the near future.