Is agency software in a browser automatically a cloud solution?

This question often leads to misunderstandings. Agency software that runs in a browser is not automatically identical with a SaaS environment (software-as-a-service). It doesn’t even mean that the browser solution is necessarily installed in a cloud somewhere and that the data management is carried out there.

In simple terms, browser solution just means that the application is running in a browser. Nothing is usually installed on the local computer, as all system components are installed on a server. Normally, this is also where the data management is carried out.

The server can also be located within the company, however. The operating system that is installed depends on the technical specifications of the client. What is important to note, however, is that the security level of the company becomes relevant as long as the system is not additionally run on the Internet. The company thus has its data “locally” within the company.

This means that a PROAD Software client generally decides for themselves whether the data are stored within their own company, on a cloud somewhere or on the host of J+D Software Ltd.