PROAD presents new film for its launch

Shortly after the launch of the new website in September 2014, PROAD Software is now also presenting the first completely animated film on the new PROAD enterprise and project management software.

In less than three minutes, the equally short and enjoyable clip sheds light on the software’s significance and the purpose. In the testimonial/animated film, the most important advantages and uses of the software are demonstrated alongside an entertaining frame story.

“The time has finally come again for core business” – this is the slogan of the film, which provides key answers to question such as:

  • Why is a software like PROAD necessary for firms with a certain size? 
  • What are PROAD’s key features?
  • Was does PROAD have in common with a spaceship? 
  • How does PROAD help me with CRM?
  • What can PROAD’s project management do for me? 
  • How can I manage working time and resources better? 
  • How do I solve the crucial problem of time recording? 
  • How safe and available are my documents?
  • And lastly the most important question: How profitable is it?

It’s worth a look: Whether it be on the home page at, on Facebook or on YouTube.

Simply click, sit back and learn what it’s really about!

And if you liked the film, we’d appreciate it if you would recommend it to others as well.