Anno 2014: A year in the fast lane

PROAD Software, now with two complete product lines, covers not only the technological needs, but also the needs across industries in integrated management systems more and more.

Be it agency software, the ERP system for IT companies and consultants, or office management and management software for architects, civil engineers and planning offices: PROAD Software is always at the forefront.

The substantial increase in customers so far in 2014 reflects this fact. Around 50 customers in the first half of the year alone have enabled us to match the annual results of 2013. One of the most recent new customers – representative of the wide range of agency specialists – is the Nebula Advertising, Marketing from Dubai which has now decided to implement its company projects via the CRM and project management tool of the browser-based solution by PROAD Software. We are happy to welcoming the Nebula Advertising to our customer base.