Agency software and ticketing systems

A ticketing system (to be more precise: an issue tracking system) – sometimes also simply known as a case processing system – represents software which is meant to deal with the receipt, confirmation, classification and processing of customer enquiries. Subject to preference, an enquiry may be received by telephone, e-mail, fax or other means. Modern ticketing systems have interfaces for other systems, such as customer data banks, etc. They can also just as easily be used, however, to organise internal enquiries. Then, the “customer” is one’s own company. Essential to the ticketing system is the enquiry, allocation to a person or department, and the processing which ensues until the enquiry is settled. The ticket is then closed. Thus, it may be ensured that no enquiry is lost.

What, however, have agency software and ticketing systems got in common?

This question can best be answered as all software providers, support service providers, or online and internet agencies which create and maintain websites for your customers. A customer requirement, e.g. of the type “Add a new Executive Director to the Legal Notice” is considered as a ticket – therefore, a type of mini-task. This job is processed and delivered immediately with the resulting time spent, e.g. 15 minutes. The customer is notified of the completion of the task and it is simultaneously registered in terms of time spent via time tracking on the customer’s on-going project in the agency software. In practice, the collected times are then transparently charged to the customer in a monthly invoice. Consequently, it is ensured that even minor issues can be efficiently and transparently resolved. In addition, the cost of service provision via time tracking and revenue through the invoice ensure that the agency’s control remains consistent and all required statements are reliably delivered. In modern agency software, this ticketing system is already integrated. Interfaces are not necessary here, where the ticketing system forms an integral part of the overall solution and at the same time, can access customers, projects, services, times, costs and revenue.