How Scrum makes our lives easier

The project management method Scrum is becoming more and more popular. It works with special tools or classic stickers. But what exactly is Scrum?

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This is how data migration works!

successful team

The introduction of the new enterprise software is underway, the processes are defined and configured. The next important step is the migration of the master data. For most providers, this is an uncomplicated process from a technical point of view - and yet the transfer of the data often causes stress. We explain where the typical problems are and how you can avoid them.

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More Success with Business Intelligence!

Abstract Business Intelligence Visualization

What is Business Intelligence? And what does it have to do with an ERP system? In this article you will learn how Business Intelligence enriches your company and your workflow.

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This avoids stumbling blocks during implementation!

team looking forward to success

After an extensive vendor screening you have decided on a business software and the contract has been signed. Now it's getting exciting: Your new system has to get up and running! We show which milestones are important for a smooth implementation.successful team.

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ECJ ruling: What changes for you as a result of the time recording obligation

Time Recording with PROAD

How exactly do you record the working hours of your employees? If, for example, you currently only document overtime hours, there is a need for action: According to the ruling of the European Court of Justice of 14 May 2019, EU states must oblige employers to record every working hour of their employees precisely. We have taken a close look at the new time recording obligation for you.

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ERP Software: The Underestimated Success Factor

Man who hugs another man because he's successful.

It seems paradoxical: digitization and process optimization are among the top sales drivers in almost all industries. But many entrepreneurs neglect the potential of modern software for fear of complicated IT. What is ERP software anyway? What does everyday working life look like? And above all: How can you make profit out of it?

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Optimize time recording: Tips for successful use

team with clock

Time recording is becoming more and more important. It optimizes processes, prevents incorrect calculations and organizes everyday work. In short: it is effective. In this article you can find out exactly what you can achieve with time recording and how to use it correctly.

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What is a RESTful API? We explain our new feature!

Restful API

Everybody's talking about it, nobody understands exactly. The (RESTful) API's are becoming more and more popular. Also PROAD has become part of the fan community and uses the interface from now on. You can find out what the professional character means and what advantages the new feature has for our users here in the article.

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GDPR: Key facts for perfect preparation

On 25 May the time has come: The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will become effective. But what does this mean for companies and how can one best prepare for it? For optimal preparation, we have especially appointed a data protection officer and now would like to share our knowledge with you. The key facts about GDPR are set out in this article.

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Analytics Meets Creativity: My BrainHub is here!

PROAD My BrainHub

Successful teams in creative industries need more than a rational analysis of data. That is why we are rethinking business software from scratch: In close collaboration with specialists for the most diverse disciplines we have developed "My BrainHub" – an innovative dashboard, which for the first time combines analytical facts with creative impulses! We have summarised the most important facts hidden in the details for you here.

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