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Time recording, organisation and documentation - the “paperwork” dealing with this takes more time than imagined and it does not allow you to enjoy the project. But everything can be so simple: Our clever tools and smart automation does the work that you never wanted to do.

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What you will appreciate about PROAD

Relaxed work: less paperwork and organisation

Complete control: flexible and transparent planning

Less searching: all important information in one place

Fast learning curve: simply start and save time

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Only 60 seconds and you have all of the information you need to start the day.


What would you do with 12 to 18 hours extra hours per month?

Companies with company software save an average of 12 to 18 hours each month - per employee! What would you do with this time and what do you think: How would this relief affect your work?

Top topics for co-designers

The perfect time recording for all: What type are you?

You have your projects under control with these tools

Simple and reliable: the path through the financial jungle

Quick success thanks to uncomplicated implementation

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