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Exceeded your budget? Forgot your to do list? Time recording takes up too much time? Whether a small or large agency, creative team, controlling or management: PROAD adapts perfectly to the processes in agencies and makes your day-to-day work easier. And it makes your projects more profitable.

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Why be satisfied with lesser agency software?

Choosing the right agency software can be crucial to the success or failure of your agency. It is particularly important for the software to be accepted by all staff in managerial and creative fields. To ensure it creates more benefit than tension in daily work, it needs to be streamlined, sexy, efficient and intuitive to use – like PROAD.

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An overview of the main functions of PROAD agency software:

Project management
Customer contacts / CRM
New business / Sales
Staff and freelancers
Contract and job management
Time recording with stopwatch function
Budget administration and tendering
Cashbook and expense report

That's not all.

  •  Resource and placement planning
  •  Personal calendars / Internal communication
  •  Requests and orders to suppliers
  •  Recording of third-party costs for external and internal projects
  •  Accounting
  •  Electronic payments / dunning
  •  Gantt charts
  •  Integration of any financial accounting system
  •  Project controlling as per the “Economic Model”
  •  Staggered contribution margin accounting
  •  Forecast and liquidity plans
  •  Media planning / Media operations
  •  Early warning systems
  •  Mobile recording

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PROAD – the flexible business software for all agencies

A platform for all tasks, regardless of your agency’s work methods or industry focus: Whether it be a classic full-service advertising agency, a digital, PR or events agency, a media or promotion agency, marketing consultancy or the advertising or marketing department of a major company, it doesn’t matter. And this also applies to freelancers who work with PROAD as sole traders, to translation or editing agencies, and of course to any owner-run agency, and even national or international networks:

The PROAD agency software offers you modular solutions which you can combine in virtually any manner and build on at any time. Once installed, the PROAD user interface can be individually configured by each user. Work with customised agency software like PROAD, which meets your requirements, and you and your staff will be able to keep track of everything!

Why do I need agency software ?

A lot! Well thought out agency software is perfectly customised to your industry and enormously simplifies your daily work routine. The big advantage of a complete solution: You just need one tool to display all processes - from acquisition to project management to billing.

You think agency administration is a necessary evil and your team is at odds with routine work like time recording? Thanks to an intuitive user interface and smart features, these activities are fun even for sceptical employees!

Controlling will also work with the push of a button in the future: Forget Excel tables, piles of paperwork and the difficult searching through numbers - PROAD provides all relevant indicators in clear dashboards and reporting. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you will easily manage your workday and the management knows at all times where the agency is.

There is a lot of freeware available for project management, time recording & co. - is it really that bad to make a few sacrifices? We think it is. Your agency software is used daily - that is why you deserve a solution that does not create new problems, but rather really offers relief.

The problem of free island solutions: having to constantly switch back and forth between different applications. This takes considerable effort and is prone to error, which ends up costing you not only time and nerves, but rather also money. The functional scope, scalability, synchronisation, operating comfort and support also play an important role.

Does this mean "what costs nothing is worth nothing"? We do not want to go so far. But cheap is not necessary inexpensive, that is why the price should not be the only criteria used for making a decision.

Probably less than you think! With PROAD, you only pay for as much software as you really need. Regardless of whether you are looking for an expandable entry-level solution or you decide for "the whole program" right away. Our agency software can be customised for all agency sizes - from freelancers to an international network.

Simply select the fitting basic package and finish the configuration with your desired additional modules and interfaces. With or without time recording, project management, ticket system, dunning system, FiBu connection or REST-API - you can combine all of the components with each other as you want (and of course upgrade them at any time).

We guarantee the following: Good agency software is worth it. The experiences from our customers show that PROAD increases productivity, reduces the error rate and leads to measurable savings. And it does so very quickly.

The implementation of (new) agency software is a feat for your company that costs time and money - that is why you should compare the scope of service, technological basis and support in advance. At best not just on paper, but rather use the possibility to get to know the software "live" through an online presentation or a demo account.

A non-binding consultation is also helpful for clearing up any open questions - then you can immediately see how customer-oriented the software manufacturer works. Our tip: When selecting your agency software, place a lot of value on a provider who knows and understands the demands of the industry!

That is not so simple with the variety of agency forms - good agency software must satisfy the requirements of PR and internet agencies just as those of editorial offices and SEO consultants, writers and graphic artists, media planners and event agencies.

Hosting - the pivotal question when purchasing agency software. Where is the software (and therefore the valuable data)? The advantages of a cloud solution are clear: There are no expensive initial investments and maintenance expenses, because an individual technical infrastructure is not required.

It is optimal if you want to protect your liquidity or test the agency software before purchasing it with minimum effort. You do not have to take care of anything if there are updates either, because the entire release management runs silently in the background so that you are automatically always working with the most current version.

Make sure that the cloud servers are in Germany and ask about security standards and corresponding certification. If you would prefer to keep your data in your company, hosting agency software on a local server is recommended. You have the choice with PROAD.

Advertising agencies, media agencies, event agencies, PR agencies and web agencies, freelancers and full service networks, start-ups and agency structures grown over decades: One software for everybody? An ambitious goal! We have learned one thing over the past 25 years and with more than 1,000 implementations: Every agency is unique.

That is why we have analysed hundreds of agency processes up to the smallest detail in order to define reasonable standards - because an attractive price-performance ratio is not possible without standards. At the same time, PROAD should flexibly satisfy the individual requirements of different agency types.

Modules make it possible: You can combine the individual PROAD packages with each other as desired and upgrade with optional interfaces. The user interface can also be configured individually. And of course you can scale your PROAD at any time: New modules or more licenses? No problem. If your agency expands, PROAD simply grows with it.