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Exceeded your budget? Forgot To-dos? Time recording inconvenient? Unknown to us, because PROAD simply streamlines the daily routine. From CRM and project management to comprehensive reporting.

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Organise your To-dos, control your projects and keep track of all current key figures. With your dashboard, you can effectively manage the agency's day-to-day activities and get to the most important areas with just one click. The best part is: You can customise your dashboard to suit your needs.


TOP features of the PROAD agency software

Project management
Customer contacts / CRM
New business / Sales
Staff and freelancers
Contract and job management
Time recording with stopwatch function
Budget administration and tendering
Cashbook and expense report

Individual configuration. Flexible modules. Simple usability.

No matter whether classic advertising agency, event agency or marketing department of a big company. PROAD is not bound to a specific sector. Through modular solutions, our software flexibly adapts to your processes. This way, you can combine as many modules as you like and extend PROAD at any time.

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An agency software with a range of functions.

  • Resource and application planning
  • Personal calendar / internal communication
  • Gantt charts
  • Enquiries and orders to suppliers
  • External costing for external and internal projects
  • Cash book and expense accounts
  • Accounting
  • Electronic payment / dunning system
  • Integration of financial accounting from any financial accounting system
  • Project controlling according to "Economic Model"
  • Staggered contribution margin accounting
  • Forecast and liquidity planning
  • Media planning / media management
  • Early warning systems
  • Mobile capturing

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Everyday activities in an agency involve many individual interfaces. Often tools and Excel spreadsheets pile up, which ultimately no-one understands anymore. The result: Forgotten to-dos, miscalculation and project chaos. And this is where agency software comes in!

It helps keeping track and simplifies the daily routine through efficient project management and organised time management. With the help of a complete solution like PROAD, you now even only need a single tool to map all processes: From acquisition to project management and invoicing. Thanks to an intuitive user interface and smart features, agency management is fun even for sceptical employees!

Another area in which agency software is indispensable? Controlling! A dashboard presents you all relevant key figures at a glance. If you then desire to gain a more in-depth look into the matter, you can obtain detailed figures in reports. With just a few mouse clicks, you will easily manage your working day and management is informed about the agency's current situation.

With PROAD, you only pay for the specific software you really need. Depending on whether you are looking for an expandable entry-level or the ideal complete solution: Our agency software can be tailored for all agency sizes - from freelancers to international networks.

Simply select your basic package that meets your needs and add the desired additional modules and interfaces to your configuration. With or without time recording, project management, ticketing system, dunning system, financial accounting connection or REST-API - you can freely combine all components with each other and naturally upgrade them at any time.
We guarantee: Good agency software is worthwhile. The experience of our customers shows that PROAD increases productivity, reduces error rates and leads to measurable savings.

We guarantee: Good agency software is worthwhile. The experience of our customers shows that PROAD increases productivity, reduces error rates and leads to measurable savings.

Plenty of freeware is available for project management, time recording, etc. and the advantage of this solution is obvious: The costs. However, free stand-alone solutions can ultimately get more expensive than expected, because eventually you constantly have to switch back and forth between different software applications. This is cumbersome, error-prone and not only costs you time and nerves, but above all: money. The scope of functions, scalability, synchronisation, operating comfort and support also play a key role. Often many of these important components are not included in a freeware and lead to long-term complications.

Thus, fee-based agency software is an investment in your working routine, which relieves you through efficient control and organisation and is quickly recovered in your daily business.

Introduction of a (new) agency software is a major effort for your business and it is time-consuming and costly. First, you should compare the scope of services, the technological bases and the support with due care. We offer you the opportunity to get to know PROAD live via an online presentation or a demo account and a non-binding consultancy can also be helpful to clarify open questions. This way you get a feeling for the people behind the software.

Our tip: When choosing your agency software, make sure you pick a provider who knows and understands the requirements of the industry! Of course, this is not easy, when one considers the vast variety of different types of agencies. Good agency software must meet the needs of creative as well as technically-oriented agencies.

Hosting - the key question when purchasing agency software. Where does the software lie and thus the valuable data pool?

The advantages of a cloud solution are obvious: Expensive start-up investments and maintenance costs are eliminated, as there is no need for separate technical infrastructure. Ideal, if you want to preserve your liquidity or test the agency software with minimum effort before purchasing.

Even with updates, you do not have to worry about anything, because the entire release management runs discreetly in the background, so that you automatically always work with the latest version. However, you should make sure that the servers of the cloud are located in Germany and ask for security standards and corresponding certifications of the hosting provider.

If you prefer to keep your data in your company, it is advisable to host the agency software on a local server. With PROAD you have the choice.

Freelancer, full service networks, start-ups and agency structures have grown over decades: One software for all? An ambitious goal!

In over 25 years and more than 1,000 implementations we have learned one thing: every agency is unique. That is why we have analysed hundreds of agency processes down to the smallest detail to define meaningful standards - because without standards, no attractive price-performance ratio is possible.

At the same time, PROAD should, of course, flexibly meet the individual requirements of different agency types. We found the solution: Modules. You can combine the individual PROAD packages with each other almost randomly and upgrade them with optional interfaces. This also applies for management and the user interface.

And of course, you can re-size your PROAD at any time: New modules or more licenses? No problem. If your agency expands, PROAD simply grows with it.

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