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Everyday agency life can be very stressful: many clients, various projects, short deadlines. The agency software PROAD helps to keep an overview.


The agency software with the greatest satisfaction.

Where there is too much organisational effort, there is often no time for the really important things: your creative day-to-day business. The agency software provider PROAD is the solution. Here you can organise your entire work process and, thanks to our modular solution, simply decide for yourself which functions you need for your projects. That's exactly why our customers like working with PROAD.


Every company has different requirements for agency software. That's why PROAD offers customisable dashboards that you can adapt to your needs. Decide for yourself which functions you need most, which customers are important at the moment and which key figures you want to track.

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Around 1,200 companies worldwide work with PROAD.



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The most important at a glance.


We know what agencies need to work efficiently: The integration of their external programmes, regular maintenance and consulting with experience, software use on the road and via app and the secure storage of all data. PROAD offers all this.


API interface for external programmes


Personal advice & regular updates


Flexibel: Flexible: server- or cloud-based

Data protection

Hosting in Germany, DSGVO-compliant


Specialised in agencies.

Many different areas of work are important in an agency. This is exactly why PROAD is the perfect agency software. PROAD offers a particularly wide range of functions. Different task areas can be activated for each user so that the software can be used optimally.

CRM & New Business

More turnover through contact management.

With the automated CRM system of our software, you always have an overview of all your agency's customer contacts. This way, you can maintain existing clients almost by yourself and acquire new ones more easily.

  • automated account management
  • central contact database
  • multi-channel communication
  • data analysis

Project management & time recording

More time through optimised resource planning.

With PROAD project management, you now know how long your employees need for certain tasks. This allows you to optimise processes and plan capacities better.

  • budget planning
  • document management
  • time recording
  • gantt charts


More communication through more transparency.

Die interne und externe Kommunikation in einer Agentur muss leicht sein, damit sie funktioniert. Mit diesen Tools seid ihr immer auf dem gleichen Stand.

  • Internal surveys
  • Web conferencing tool
  • Shared dashboards
  • Social media integration

Control & Accounting

More control through up-to-date figures.

Digital invoicing is more secure, clearer and offers full control over all the agency's business results.

  • DATEV integration
  • Sales forecast
  • KPI dashboards
  • Early warning system

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Implementation of the agency software

This is how the integration process works.

You want to use PROAD for future projects? Our trained staff and trainers can easily implement the software into existing company processes and also come to your agencies to explain the software on site.

1. Conversation

Each implementation starts with a conversation in which you tell us about your project and we introduce the modules.

2. Configuration

As soon as we know what you want, the configuration begins. Then we create the right modules to achieve your goals.

3. Data backup

To ensure that your data is not lost, our service also includes importing it into your new PROAD software.

4. Optimisation

Even after the software has been set up, our team will help you optimise the software for your perfect workflow.


The PROAD functions briefly explained.

The wide range of functions is the heart of PROAD. Some of the functions are explained in more detail here:


With many different projects, it's easy to lose track of all the tasks, deadlines and responsibilities. With the PROAD agency software, this won't happen to you. Thanks to the user-friendly software, you always know which project is coming up next, which tasks still need to be done and which of your employees still have free capacities for it. You can also view and track all milestones here. Analyses of the tasks also help you to optimise your processes and use resources even more efficiently. This not only saves you time, but also money.

  • Assign users
  • Cost planning
  • Calendar integration
  • Assign tasks
  • Time management
  • Track milestones
  • Reporting & Controlling

Maintaining customer relationships is essential. The best way to do this is with a customer management tool like the one from PROAD. With this tool, you can centralise all data, facts and figures of your customers in one software and always keep an overview. Never again forget a birthday, misplace a phone number or lose track of customer status? It's easy with PROAD! We centralise potential analyses, marketing and sales in one software.

  • Contact management
  • Communication
  • Sales organisation

Time recording is often an unpopular topic with employees, but since the ECJ ruling on the time recording obligation, it is unavoidable. That's why PROAD makes legally compliant time recording as simple and intuitive as possible. With a stopwatch integrated into the dashboard, you can measure your times directly in the software without any effort. PROAD saves periods and generates regular reports for capacity and resource planning for you and your customers. Efficiency optimisation has never been easier.

  • Individual time recording
  • Quick time recording
  • Stopwatch
  • Weekly time recording

With PROAD's digital accounting, you have the solution against document chaos and paperwork. Instead, you can create offers and invoices for your customers in the corporate identity of your agency, write reminders and store all data in compliance with the law. Our Business Intelligence also provides you with detailed monthly views, daily, automated target-performance analyses and evaluations of profitability. This service helps you to make informed decisions and keep a better overview of your finances. And should the budget start to run low, you can set up early warning systems in our software that will inform you by e-mail. That way you can always plan ahead.

  • Quotation & budget management
  • Automated accounting
  • Secure controlling through daily analyses
  • Quick and easy system integration

Detailed and accurate reporting and controlling is very important in project management. No matter how well an agency is organised - if there is no reporting and controlling, potentials will be overlooked. It is the quality management for your work processes. It shows you what went well and where you can work more efficiently to maximise profit. We know how important reporting and controlling is. That's why you can track everything with our software at any time.

  • Track times
  • Use capacities in an optimised way
  • Budget utilisation

PROAD is an agency software that people like to use. Why? Because we design it creatively! Based on studies, we focus on enterprise gamification and want to encourage creativity and collaboration among employees with extraordinary features. We want them to have fun with the software, so we've included features like a drink reminder, internal surveys and mood barometers. If that's not enough, you can send little messages to your colleagues through Shoutouts. The perfect place for an increasingly important work-life balance combined with a modern visual presentation.

  • Internal surveys
  • Drink reminder
  • Shoutouts
  • Mood barometer

A very practical function is our ticket system. This is a system in which you can open small text cards, so-called tickets. Many people like to use the ticket system to organise themselves. For example, tasks can be noted and assigned, appointments can be made and reminders can be set up.

  • Organise tasks
  • Assign users
  • Set up reminders

With PROAD's task management, you'll never miss a deadline again. Here you can record all to-dos, assign users and set deadlines. In addition, you and your colleagues can always see what's coming up next in the clearly laid out calendar and thus organise yourselves efficiently.

  • Calendar
  • To-do
  • Task distribution
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