Third-Party-Software used by PROAD Software

Third-Party-Software Description Description Download PHP Caldav connector LGPL-3.0 Download Character encoding detector LGPL-2.1 Download JavaScript text editor LGPL-2.1 Download PHP SendEmail functionality of J+D Software AG LGPL-2.1 Download General-purpose, portable utility library LGPL-2.1 Download Portable API for dynamically loading modules LGPL-2.1 Download PHP implementation of rfc2445/rfc5545 LGPL-2.1 Download Generic spell checking library LGPL-2.1 Download Text encoding library LGPL-2.1 Download PHPMailer – A full-featured email creation and transfer class for PHP LGPL-2.1 Download Open source command line tool to render html2pdf LGPL-3.0 Download

Upon request, we will supply the source code of the open-source components on a data-medium. Please direct your request to the following address:

J+D Software AG
Max-Planck-Str. 6c
63128 Dietzenbach

The copyright holders usually do not provide any warranty and assume no liability whatsoever for the free and open-source software components.

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