Full-service agency software for the marketing industry: PROAD Agencies caters to the needs of the Administration and Creation divisions, as well as those of the Contact, NB and even the Media departments – why should you be satisfied with less? This product keeps its promise!

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The modular software for architects and construction engineers: PROAD Architects offers you a virtually infinitely expandable platform for all administrative and organisational tasks – even supporting the fee schedule for architects and engineers (HOAI). You can build on this!

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The fully integrable ERP software for the IT industry: Since IT pros especially appreciate holistic solutions that offer simple access to all functions, and which can also be applied intuitively, PROAD IT will help you make both profitable and authoritative decisions!

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The customisable business software for consulting firms of any size: PROAD Consulting offers you precisely what you recommend to your clients – clever solutions for streamlined processes and efficient operations – so you receive the best possible advice with this software!

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PROAD – 25 years of innovation and continuous further development

The PROAD business software was specially designed for the advertising and marketing industry over 25 years ago, and was later also adapted to other industries with similar corporate structures. Since then, PROAD has been constantly further developed, and facilitates everyday work operations in businesses of all sizes. Basics such as intuitive project management or time recording with stopwatch functions are enhanced with many industry-specific features – to ensure you can stay fully focused on your core competencies!

As much software as your business needs 

Customised software for unique businesses: Since no business is the same, we offer each of our customers an individual consultation before they make their purchase decision, so as to jointly assess their actual software needs beyond just the basic essentials for efficient work operations.

The PROAD business software is standardised as necessary, and configurable as far as possible – with individual modules and additional interfaces to meet virtually every need. Each user can configure the interfaces themselves.

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PROAD [small business] – for a great start from £79!

Our low-cost entry-level package PROAD [small business] already includes all the important functions required to make your everyday work considerably easier - perfect for small companies and freelancers. Also as a cloud solution!

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Efficiency made easy – at the office & on the road

A clear, manageable start to an efficient working day: The fully customisable PROAD dashboard gives you access to all stored information and activated functions you need during the day – from daily and weekly planning (incl. capacity graphs), to current and last retrieved tasks (incl. your personal file), time recording and much more, to absentee lists and fast access to leave requests and sick notes.

With the mobile solution using a browser app (for any end device), the display on the screen is naturally reduced, but access to the individual functions is not. The home page can also be customised.

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What satisfied customers say about the PROAD software

When it comes to testimonials, we have the best hand: the business cards of our customers. We have been receiving positive customer feedback such as “almost like a Swiss army knife” or “a program that delivers everything” for 25 years. But you’re no doubt interested in reading more qualified statements. So we invite you to take a look at our customer videos or detailed case studies.  

"If you want a straightforward system that's easy to use and doesn't take up too much time just doing the admin work than PROAD's ideal."

Ian Wright, Managing Director, ARK Creative Design and Marketing (Peterborough, UK)

It’s this easy to manage projects from A-Z  

Who does what when and how? PROAD Project Management makes it easy for you to create, distribute and organise individual jobs or complex tasks, and keep track of these – as well as all schedules, available resources, current capacities etc. – right through to successful completion.

Thanks to the integration of MS-Word, you can write offers and even invoices straight from the program and have these directly incorporated into your accounting system, which has been simplified with PROAD Accounting.

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Fulfilment of duties made easy – PROAD Time recording

Profitability and time recording go hand-in-hand in virtually every business. And since the topic is not one of the most popular, you should make it as easy as possible for your staff: PROAD offers you simple, efficient access to the time-recording tools, e.g. straight out of a job or even when on the road using a Smartphone or tablet.

You can pre-set different modes, such as day or week recording, depending on the staff member. A practical stopwatch function makes logging easier for rapidly changing tasks, while the weekly recording helps with regularly recurring jobs. Intuitive use, drag & drop, integrated material recording and much more ensure fast acceptance, and help save lots of precious time when it comes to logging hours. 

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Automated controlling

Keep an eye on all company and task areas at all times: The controlling tools of the PROAD business software are very helpful for monitoring budgets – both for individual projects or customers and for overall profitability. Automated target/actual comparisons and detailed monthly overviews help you make correct decisions promptly, and manage your business with foresight.  

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