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Individual project management software for all industries

everything from A to Z

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Both on the web and on your own server: PROAD industry software

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The real highlights in daily business

Corporate design with no word processing limitations

Mobile access from every device thanks to a plugin-free development

Project management using Gantt and a calendar

Linking tickets and tasks for time recording

From full-cost accounting to Contribution Margin II

Early warning systems in controlling

Considerable increase in new business & sales

PROAD Software – The project management software

PROAD Software – the leading project management software has now also become established on the market across industries as ERP system and office and management software.

A market presence of over 25 years in the agency, service and consulting areas has now enabled us to provide the entire service sector with an integrated total solution. Our specialist know-how from the agency sector has resulted in leading agency associations recommending PROAD Software to their members.

By now, nearly 1000 agencies, IT companies and consultants from the industries of agencies, architects, engineers and planning offices, IT and software companies and consulting firms are working successfully with one of the PROAD packages, both nationally and internationally. 

The advantages of our agency software at a glance

Thanks to our experience and knowledge in the sectors of Agency software, Project Management software, Architecture software, Time Recording software or ERP software, leading agency associations today recommend our PROAD software without any reservations.

Comprehensive solution

Integrated overall solution as the ERP system as well as Office and Management software

Simple operation

Intuitive, high-function and self-explanatory user interface

Integrated time recording

Can also be used as time recording software with useful functions


At the company, from home, with mobile terminals or via desktop/laptop

PROAD [small business] – for a great start from £79!

Our low-cost entry-level package PROAD [small business] already includes all the important functions required to make your everyday work considerably easier - perfect for small agencies and freelancers. Also as a cloud solution!

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With our agency software or project management software you can now:

  •  determine the status of your company in daily increments at the push of a button
  •  evaluate the actual profitability incl. overheads per client
  •  determine the actual workload of all your employees
  •  determine semi-finished work at the push of a button
  •  invoice for reimbursable external costs immediately
  •  retrieve the current forecast planning in daily increments
  •  obtain a plan/actual analysis for all ongoing projects
  •  evaluate the actual profitability incl. overheads of a project

The features of the software products include CRM, project administration and project management, ticketing systems, time recording, quotations and invoicing, bookkeeping and the entire company reporting

Use PROAD also as early warning systems to alert you in good time about deviations from your targets!

Do you still have questions about the PROAD software or do you wish to know more about our offers for agencies?

We offer you comprehensive, individual advice and evaluate together with you the software required for your business. A tailor-made project management software, agency software and more for unique companies and agencies.

Simply call us on +44 (0) 845 4504588 or send us your queries.


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